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Thursday, January 28, 2010

Write a story about a bossy person

Write a story about a bossy person

1. Describe a conversation between two friends which showed what they thought of a bossy person, Mrs. Upal.
2. Describe the unpleasant shopping experience to the friends had.
3. Describe the awful lunch they had.
4. Describe the embarrassing incident where Mrs. Upal made a fool of herself.
5. Describe how the incident affected the bossy and talkative Mrs. Upal.

“Oh, no! Why did you invite Mrs. Upal to shop with us?” Mrs. Ravinder asked, her voice mixed with shock and disappointment.

“Sorry, but you know how bossy Mrs. Upal is. She just invited herself”, Mrs. Anand explained.

The outing turned out to be a harrowing experience. Mrs. Ravinder and Mrs. Anand could do nothing that they really wished to do. Mrs. Upal dictated where they should shop and even what they should buy. The other two ladies were too polite to object to her bossiness. Besides, Mrs. Upal’s husband was their husbands’ boss and they dared not antagonize her.

The unpleasant Mrs. Upal deliberately took them to expensive shops and boutiques. She enjoyed the sense of superiority she felt when shopping with these ladies who could not afford the things in the expensive shops.

Mrs. Upal then took them to an expensive North Indian restaurant. She insisted that they try the hottest dishes. Poor Mrs. Ravinder and Mrs Anand had to drink glasses of water for they did not like hot dishes.

The bossy Mrs. Talked endlessly in between bites. She exlained each dish to her lunch companions. She even instructed them on how to eat each dish the proper way. For instance, the tandoori chicken had to be eaten by holding the chicken at a certain angle.

After this awful lunch, the waiter brought three small bowls of water with slices of lemon in them. Immediately, Mrs. Upal squeezed the lemon and drank the water. She explained that lemon water was good for the digestive system.

Mrs. Ravinder and Mrs. Anand looked at each other and smiled. Then, they merely dipped their fingers into the finger bowls and washed their fingers. Mrs. Upal turned red in the face when she realized what a stupid mistake she had made.

After this embarrassing incident, Mrs. Upal was rather silent for the rest of the afternoon.

The unhealthy influence of a friend.

Write a story about the unhealthy influence of a friend.

1. Describe how you envied a seemingly admirable friend.
2. Describe how you found out what made him so care-free and happy.
3. Describe how he taught you to sniff glue and shoplift.
4. Describe what happened to him as a result of sniffing glue.
5. Describe how you learn to shake off his unhealthy influence.

Peter skillfully wove between the defenders and scored a goal. The spectators cheered wildly. He was easily the most prominent figure on the football field.

As I cheered, I envied once again, his fun-loving and carefree disposition. Later in the evening, as we were walking home, I asked him, “Peter, how is it that nothing ever perturbs you?”

Seeing my puzzled face, he took out a translucent plastic bag that contained some sticky mass. He put his face near it and drew in a deep breath. I gasped in horror.

“You sniff glue?”, I said in astonishment.

Peter said that the effects of glue-sniffing had been over-dramatized by the media and the government. He had been sniffing glue for months and he felt as healthy as ever. The only effect, he said, was that he was able to feel happy all the time. He had no more worries about examinations or anything else.

Then, he thrust the bag under my nose and asked me to try it for my self. Reluctantly, I inhaled a few deep breaths. To my surprise, I found that I liked it. After this, both Peter and I began to skip lessons together. I learnt to hang out in the streets with him, and even to enjoy the thrill of shoplifting. Once in the while, we sniffed blue.

Later, when our test results were released, we discovered that both of us had failed. We were called into the principal’s office. Peter looked awful that day. His eyes were bloodshot. He told that he had been drinking alcohol and sniffing glue the night before.

I was told to wait outside while the principal spoke to Peter. From where I stood, I could hear Peter swearing at the principal. Suddenly, the door flew open. Peter rushed out, looking flushed and angry. He ran towards the balcony and leapt over. When the ambulance arrived, he was pronounced dead.

It took a long time for me to recover from Peter’s death, and even longer to get over my bad habits. With careful guidance and counseling from my parents and teachers, I learnt to start life anew. I now realize that Peter’s influence over me was very unhealthy.

How your irresponsibility caused an accident.

Write a story about how your irresponsibility caused an accident.

1. Describe how your little brother decided to pick some flowers for your mother for Mother’s Day.
2. Describe how you were irresponsible by not taking good care of your little brother because you were engrossed chatting on the phone.
3. Describe how your brother met with an accident.
4. Describe how you felt.

Mother’s Day was approaching. My elder brother, Gopal, and I were busy planning to get a surprise gift for Mother. My little six-year-old brother, Raiju, had no money to contribute, so he had to think of something else to give her.

Raju decided to pick a bunch of flowers for Mother. He asked me to take him to the park across the road to get the flowers. Gopal and our parents were not in, so I was put in charge of Raju. However, I was busy having a nice chat with my friend on the phone, and did not want to be disturbed, I waved Raju away, and told him to go on his own. Obediently, Raju set off alone with a big empty basket.

When I finally put down the phone, it was already five o’clock. It was then that I realized, with horror, that Raju was not back. He had been gone for almost four hours! Why, he would have picked all the flowers in the park in that time!

I immediately left the house and hurried off in search of Raju in the park. I finally found his basket, half-filled with flowers, under a rambutan tree in one of the quieter spots in the park. A scared voice came down to me from the tree. I looked up and saw Raju hanging precariously from a tree branch. His face was pale and his voice, choking with a mixture of fright and relief, came down a gain, “Sita, help! I wanted to get rambutans for Mother, but I dare not climb down now”.

Before I could climb up to get him, he lost his grip on the branch and fell sprawling to the grass below. Things happened in a blur after that. A couple who happened to walk past at that time came to my aid. Soon, Raju was warded in the hospital. He had fractured his arm and had to wear a cast on that arm for a month.

I was overwhelmed with remorse. Had I been more responsible and taken Raju to the park, I would never have allowed him to climb the rambutan tree. Then, the accident would never have happened. I realized then what a seemingly harmless little act of irresponsibility could lead to.

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

A pickpocket

Write a story with the title: “A pickpocket”

1. Describe how you first noticed the pickpocket when he acted suspiciously.
2. Describe how you saw the pickpocket steal the purse of the lady sitting next to him.
3. Describe how you pretended to ask for change from the lady so that she would realize that her purse was missing.
4. Describe how you stopped the pickpocket from escaping
5. Describe what happened to the pickpocket.

“Novena” a robotic voice announced.

The Mass Rapid Transit train was now heading for Toa Payoh station. I was standing in the crowded MRT train, looking at the other passengers to occupy my time. A nodding lady passenger caught my attention. Her eyes were closed and she looked tried. A middle-aged Chinese man satisfaction by her side and appeared to be reading a newspaper. However, I soon noticed that the man was more interested in looking around him. He held the papers loosely with one hand. Then attempting to conceal his other hand with the paper, he gingerly slipped his hand in to the lady’s handbag. Within seconds, he had taken out her purse and had wrapped it with the inner sheet of the papers. I thought hard. I had to do something before the train reached the next stop. Finally I pushed my way to the dozing lady and tapped her on her shoulder.

“Excuse me, madam, could I have change for a dollar, please?, I asked. She obliged immediately by looking into her handbag. She raked through the things in her handbag and then frantically started looking for her purse.

“My purse is missing!” she cried out.

The other passengers turned towards us. Immediately, the pickpocket started moving towards the door of the train. I pretended to bump into him accidentally and he dropped his newspaper. The missing purse was revealed.

The lady gave a cry and pounced on her purse. A few passengers immediately caught hold of the pickpocket. When the train stopped at Toa Payoh station, they handed him over to the MRT officials.

The lady realized how I had helped her and thanked me profusely. What an interesting ride it was!


Write a story with a theme: Inconsideration

1. Describe how Fadley was inconsiderate at home by making a lot of noise with his friends.
2. Describe how he refused to stop making a din even though his sister had to study for her examinations.
3. Describe how his sister had to return home late to avoid the disturbance.
4. Describe how his sister was almost harmed.
5. Describe how Fadley felt and how he changed his inconsiderate ways.

“I am Michael Jackson!” Fadley told his friends as he impersonated the famous singer. His small group of friends clapped to the beat of the music as Fadley pranced around in his bedroom.

It was a routine now with these boys to gather in Fadley’s room after school to sing or dance to deafening pop music. Fadley’s mother and eleven-year-old sister, Siti, often found the din unbearable. Whenever his mother reprimanded him for the noise, Fadley would say that she had no taste for modern music. However, when the Primary School Leaving Examination was around the corner, Siti found the situation intolerable. The piercing sounds that lasted for hours, made revision impossible. She asked her brother to be more considerate, but he only told her to stuff her ears with cotton wool. Finally, Siti decided to study in the study room at the community center.

Consequently, Siti returned home late every night. Her mother satisfaction fretting at the doorway each night, waiting for her. She felt that Siti was too young to be walking home unaccompanied at night. Fadley, however, was indifferent to his mother’s worries or his sister’s inconvenience.

One night, Siti was unusually late and this even bothered Fadley. He was about to go in search of her, when Siti ame back, crying. With her was their neighbor, Mrs Li.

Mrs. Li told them that she saw a stranger threatening to harm Siti if she did not give him her valuables. Mrs. Li had run to Siti’s help and chased the robber away after hitting him with her big umbrella.

Mrs. Li had then taken Siti to the police post to notify the police of the attempted robbery.

Fadley felt thoroughly ashamed of himself. As an elder brother, he should have been more considerate and responsible. He promised his mother that he would amend his ways. From that night onwards, peace and quiet reigned in their household.

A misunderstanding

Write a story with the title: "A misunderstanding"

1. Describe where the incident occurred
2. Describe how a pretty Caucasian girl was practicing pronouncing Mandarin words using a tape.
3. Describe how she mispronounced the word “ask” and made it sound like “kiss”
4. Describe how the young man sitting next to her misunderstood her and tried to kiss her.
5. Describe how you cleared the misunderstanding.

I was traveling on a bus one day when an amusing incident happened.

Sitting in front of me was a pretty Caucasian girl who was listening to her walkman. She was murmuring to herself. As she became more engrossed in listening to her walkman, she raised her voice. I heard some Mandarin words pronounced with a funny accent. It was then that I realized that she was trying to learn Mandarin.

At the time, a young man boarded the bus and took the seat next to the pretty Caucasian girl. The bus had stopped and the girl’s voice sounded extraordinarily loud. She was, obviously to me, repeating after the voice in the tape, “You can ask me” in Mandarin.

At the time, a young man boarded the bus and took the seat next to the pretty Caucasian girl. The bus had stopped and the girl’s voice sounded extraordinarily loud. She was, obviously to me, repeating after the voice in the tape, “You can ask me” in Mandarin. However, her tonal patterns in the pronunciation of the words made it sound like: “You can kiss me”

The young man next to her did not know that she was trying to learn Mandarin. He stared at the girl, astounded. The girl saw him staring at her and decided to try her newly acquired language skill on him. She obviously did not know how to say, “What’s the matter?” in Mandarin, so she looked into his eyes and repeated expressively, “You can ask me”. Unfortunately, the word “ask” sounded more like “kiss” than ever.

The man thought that there could be no mistake this time. The girl had actually looked at him and addressed him. Thinking that kissing the pretty girl would be an honor, he actually put his face close to hers and tried to kiss her. Startled, the girl pushed him away.

Before the misunderstanding became more serious, I tapped them on their shoulders and explained what I knew. Both of them looked embarrassed but we had a good laugh over it later.

Monday, January 25, 2010

A story about how an admirable character

Write a story about how an admirable character.

1. Describe how Steven confessed to cheating in the examinations.
2. Describe Steven’s family background.
3. Explain why he had no time to study before the examinations.
4. Describe how the school dealt with Steven’s cheating.

“Mr. Xu, I have something to tell you… I cheated in this examination”, Steven informed the chief invigilator.

Mr. Xu almost dropped the pile of papers he was carrying. Steven withdrew a skillfully rolled paper from between the panels of this pencil-case as evidence. Though he was a compassionate person, Mr. Xu felt duty-bound to report the matter to the principal.

Steven’s heart beat wildly as he waited outside principal’s office. Tears of despair rolled down his cheeks as he reflected on his situation.

Always the top student in his class, Steven was almost every teacher’s favorite. Nobody, however, knew the dark secrets of his background.
His father was a drunkard and a gambler. He did not work, so Steven and his mother sold food at Chinatown where they had a small stall. Daily business brought in a small steady income. However, his drunken father always demanded money. This left them with a pittance to run the household and to settle the huge debts his father had incurred.

That particular week before the examinations was a most difficult one. Loan sharks had come demanding payment. They gave Steven’s mother one week to pay up. This meant that Steven had to forego his revision and work extra shifts. Between school and work, he hardly had enough time to sleep. Study time was of course, out of the question. Therefore, out of desperation, he resolved to cheat in his History examination. However, after had handed up his paper, his conscience bothered him for he was actually an honest boy. Therefore, he felt compelled to confess his misdeed to Mr. Xu.

Before the Committee of Heads of Departments decided what to do with Steven, Mr. Xu visited Steven’s family. There, he learnt the whole truth from Steven’s mother.

It was unanimously agreed by the committee that this was an exceptional case. Steven needed help, not punishment. With proper arrangement, Steven won a scholarship for his studies. His father was sent to a rehabilitation center. The family was also offered financial assistance by a welfare organization.

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Describe an incident when you helped someone

Describe an incident when you helped someone

1. Describe why the person needed your help
2. Describe how you spent time with the person to understand his problem and to advise him.
3. Describe how you helped that person
4. Describe how you feel about the incident.

Being the eldest in the family, I have always felt responsible for my younger siblings. My youngest brother, Tuan, has always been my favorite. Unfortunately, he was the one who was always getting into all sorts of trouble.

Countless were the times when my parents were asked to see his principal concerning his misbehavior. Tuan got into numerous fights with the other boys in school and had been caught a number of time vandalizing school property. He persistently failed to do his homework and he interrupted classes with his many pranks.

Exasperated, my parents gave up on him. Their method of disciplining him only made him more rebellious. Being the closest to Tuan, I spent evenings talking to him. I also talked to his classmates. It was after many such patient talks and careful analysis that I found the root of the problem.

Tuan, being extremely intelligent, was bored with his school work. Therefore, while his classmates were struggling with their schoolwork, Tuan would rather think of new and interesting pranks. When I spoke to Tuan about his problem, he agreed with me. He wished that his lessons were more interesting and challenging.

I approached Tuan’s principal and told him what I thought of Tuan’s misbehavior. He has skeptical at first, but after examining Tuan’s grades, he said that the idea was worth trying. He then arranged for Tuan to sit for the entrance tests to a special school for highly intelligent children. To everyone’s surprise, Tuan not only passed these tests, but did so with flying colors.

The special school readily admitted Tuan into their academic quarters. Since then he has excelled. At the rate he is going, he may even complete secondary school before I do! Tuan’s conduct reports have also been encouraging. Our parents have only been called up once to see his principal and that was concerning an extra subject that the principal wanted Tuan to take. I am really proud of my brother and I am glad that my help has been instrumental in bringing about his present academic excellence.

Describe a busy shopping center during the Christmas season

Describe a busy shopping center during the Christmas season

1. Describe the crowd in the shopping center
2. Describe what you see and hear in the busy shopping center.
3. Describe an interesting occurrence.

Right below my apartment is a leading shopping center in Singapore. Being a frequent visitor, I know the place inside out. It is busiest and most interesting during the Christmas season.

On pre-Christmas shopping days, the place would be teeming with shoppers ceaselessly thronging the passages between the shops. The scene is fascinating. People in colorful attire, bright lights from the stores, gay balloon hanging from the ceiling and shiny tinsel all add to the Christmas atmosphere.

The din created by the Christmas carols, the stereo music blaring from the music stores and the non-stop chatter of crowds is deafening. Escalators tirelessly carry their extra load to all levels. The business-minded shopkeepers cash in on the added crowds by having pre-Christmas sales. The zealous customers have no qualms about pushing and shoving to get the goods they want. With the pushing crowd, many children get separate from their parents. Once, it was reported in the papers that a mother managed to abandon her infant child in the midst of the crowd. Till today, the mother has not been traced and the child has been adopted.

During this period too, pick-pockets and shop-lifters are up to their tricks. Warnings about keeping an eye on one’s belongings boom out now and then over the public address system. Ahmad, a security guard, is extremely vigilant too, but there are times when light-fingered crooks are too deft for him.

The shopping center may be crowded and noisy during the Christmas season, but I still enjoy shopping there.

Describe your sister

Describe my sister

1. Describe your sister’s physical appearance.
2. Describe her interests.
3. Describe her personality.

My sister, Hoa, was born one year after I was, in the afternoon of the second of February, 1978. Since then, we have been dressed alike, fed the same food and have been the closest of playmates. In spite of all this, no two people can be more different than we are.

Hoa is one of those girls who makes head turn wherever she goes. Her soft, curly hair is dark brown, and is usually tied in a pony tail to keep it from falling onto her face. She has an hour-glass figure and looks sensational in brightly colored clothes. Blue, pink and purple are her favorite colors. Although she looks good in formal clothes, she is most often seen in T-shirts and shorts.

By nature, Hoa is an extrovert and enjoys outdoor activities. She is the captain of the school basketball team and is also the best player in the team. She camps and cycles at every possible opportunity.

In school, my sister is very popular. The younger girls in the school admire her because of all the medals she has won. Her basketball team-mates adore her and are willing to do anything she says.

However, Hoa’s enthusiasm for sport does not extend to her academic work. Fortunately, she does manage to pass her examinations by studying frantically at the eleventh hour. My sister aspires to be a teacher of physical education. She hopes one day to improve the status of sports in Ho Chi Minh City. Hoa has an optimistic out look towards life. Once, when she fractured her arm and had to miss an important basketball match, she took it all in stride and said, “Well, I’ll just have to be patient and wait for the next match.” It is fun to have such an interesting person for a sister. Sometimes, I wish that I share some of her interests and her entiring zest for life.

Friday, January 22, 2010

What makes people happy?

What makes people happy?

by lt2ha.ftu

Everyone in all parts of the world has the same desire and feeling of happiness. It is necessary to know well the causes of happiness for those who want to achieve a happy life. From my experience, there are 3 main causes of happiness that related to emotional, material and physical factors.

It is easy to understand if there are a lot of people thinking about a good physical condition first as a source of happiness. Human body with 5 senses is the first gift that the Creator gives us. It allows us to see the life, to breathe fresh air, to hear the sound etc. All of them are often considered as a matter of course that people don’t care enough about their health until they lost them. Then, they realized that having a good health is the happiest thing of all. It is because a good health gives them a chance to enjoy life and do the things they wish to do.

Material factor is also considered as an indirect reason that leads to happiness. This is the fact that it is hard to do the things a person wants without money. Although, money is not the most important thing but it is the key for us to access modern technology, to learn, to travel, to raise our families or simply to put more palatable food on the table. Or if you take a step on your career ladder, you will have the feeling of accomplishment. Conversely, it will motivate you to do more to achieve your long-term goal. All of those things bring you a comfortable life and the capacity of doing the things you wish to do which are essential to obtain a happy life.

There is no denying that emotional factor is the main reason that makes people happy. It is that because emotions entirely depend on one’s attitude to life and events that occur around him. When a person is always kind to others, he will definitely gain respect and love from them. Such these things will fill his soul with happiness of being beloved and helpful to others. Another common example is that when one failed and seemed to have no ways to get out. If he insists on keeping the negative attitude, he simply sinks deeper into depression, but if he sees the situation in another way, a positive one, everything might be clearer and he finds not only solutions to cope with it but also opportunities. It will bring him the happiness of handling with failure – one of the hardest lessons of life.

Consciously or unconsciously, we are seeking happiness everyday by thinking about our direction, what we focus on and what we want to do. To do that, you will have to pay a lot of time and effort. Knowing the importance of physical, material and motional factors will help us to gain initiative in obtaining happiness in life.