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Sunday, August 3, 2008

Health or wealth? Which do you think is more valuable –

Which do you think is more valuable – health or wealth? Give your reason

Health, in my opinion, is more valuable than wealth which is only the aftermath of the former.

Men by nature are acquisitive. They all hope to have a pleasant and comfortable life. They spend the whole of their lives keeping up with their neighbors. Tom buys a new color television; his neighbor Peter is bound to buy a bigger and better one. Most of people want to possess all things either with their own money or with money borrowed from credit banks or insurance companies at a suitable rate of interest.

However, once they are drained of strength, exhausted and breathless through their hunt for wealth they all regret having wasted their health and efforts in worshipping mammon. Wealth, therefore, is not always necessarily bound to bring people’s happiness but it sometimes causes them misfortunes too. Those who are avid of wealth are often dishonest and cunning. They resort to every trick to make money and when they get dishonest earnings, they become addicted to opium, gambling and prostitutes and all their ill – gotten gains will be dissipated – “ill – gotten gains never prosper”. Then they find themselves in a state of distress, their bodies get thinner and thinner, their minds become weaker. They are in the long run parasites on families and society.

On the contrary, good health always brings about happiness. When we are quite fit, strong and healthy, we feel genial, our mind becomes lucid and clear and we think of noble things. If people do not have good health, strong body and an unflinching spirit of enduring and overcoming, they will not be able to turn wilderness into fertile soil which produces tons of food for their dear compatriots. Good health is therefore necessary to happiness and success whereas bad health means misery and continual failures. How can we feel happy when our body is in a morbid state though we are living on a heap of gold!

In conclusion, we should feel no excessive greediness and enthusiasm for wealth but should always maintain good health which is the most valuable thing in life.

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To overeat is as great as the evil to starve

To overeat is as great as the evil to starve

Food is made to maintain human life. Moderate eating and drinking is the best way to keep our body strong and healthy whereas immoderate eating and drinking habits and malnutrition are both harmful to our health. Therefore it is often said “To overeat is as great as the evil to starve”.

Overeating is detrimental to our health. Fancy a man who was invited to a party of his relative’s wedding. The party was sumptuous, abundant in exquisite food. Being tempted by the lavish feast, within hours, he ate and drank his fill but as soon as he left the party he felt nauseated. His stomach was stuffed with rich food and he got violent indigestion.

In fact, when we eat and drink too much, our stomach is so overloaded with food that it can hardly function. Blood circulates slowly in blood-vessels, causing bradycardia which makes us feel hard to breathe. Our mind is in a state of dullness. The people who are avid of food and drink are lazy and good-for-nothing persons. Their mind becomes dull and inactive. It is said that if you eat a spare meal you will learn best. Profound scholars and talented scientists are well-known for their brilliant mind and their broad forehead, not for their big bellies or their obesity.

Insufficient food is also hazardous to our health. In a country where famine dominates all year round, its people cannot do anything. Malnutrition which makes people’s bodies bonier and skinnier is the cause of all diseases. How can workers and office employees perform their work while their stomachs are empty of food and their whole bodies are succumbed to starvation? Malnutrition leads to crimes such as: theft, robbery and deceitfulness. Our forefathers often said that without food we cannot sustain the doctrine. Our government therefore tries their best to prevent starvation among people so that social laws and orders can be maintained.

In brief, we should bear the following sentence in mind: “We eat to live and not live to eat” and always try to be moderate in eating and drinking and endeavor to save money for a rainy day in order to avoid the state of insufficiency of food which ruins our body, our mind and our health.

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Saturday, August 2, 2008

Describe some useful ways in which computers have so far contributed to our modern life

Computers have become increasingly important and popular. Could you describe some useful ways in which computers have so far contributed to our modern life?

The most wonderful invention of the machine age, the computer, has been used since 1946. Since its appearance, the computer has contributed to mankind many useful ways in every aspect.

First of all, in the accounting domain: with lightning speed and perfect accuracy, the computer can do simple calculations such as: addition, subtraction, multiplication and division marvelously. A computer can work 500,000 times faster than a man can do with pencil and paper. Calculations which would have taken days become a matter of minutes with computers.

Then in the study and research of scientists, historians and sociologists not only can the computer gather facts but it can also store them as fast as they are gathered and then can pour them out whenever they are needed. In this way, the computer is really a high-powered memory machine capable of answering all problems and questions.

Next in the navigation and aviation scopes: with the computer, pilots and sailors can avoid all dangers on their itinerary. It helps them direct their flights and voyages from this city to another one, control airspeeds and altitudes when their planes land or take off. How could NASA solve all the problems of the space shuttles without its computers.

Finally in the constructing and designing fields: besides gathering and storing information the computer can solve complicated problems that took man months to do. They have been used by building companies. From the architect’s original plan, the computers can derive new plans according to a new type of environment, the cost of building and so on…

To sum up, we dare say that there is practically no limit to what computers can do and their contributions to our modern life are boundless.

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Failure is the mother of success

Comment in this saying “Failure is the mother of success”
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Many people easily feel disappointed whenever they fail in their business. Successive failures may lead them to pessimism and they keep on bewailing their lot. The following saying: “Failure is the mother of success” has been used to encourage these sorts of people.

At first, “everything is difficult at the outset”. When we start implementing a certain scheme, although it is carefully planned in advance, we still encounter some obstacles or difficulties that may arise unexpectedly. For example, a farmer tried to sow a new kind of seeds. To his great disappointment, the new seeds did not produce him a good yield as he had expected whereas his neighbor farmer sowed the same seeds but he harvested a bumper crop. Our unfortunate farmer did not lose hope and was determined to investigate the causes of his failure: he tried to better his soil, fertilizing his rice-fields with mush nitrogen and finally he succeeded in collecting 5 tons of rice per hectare.

If you lose one go, try another. The patience, persistence and will are important. Drawing experiences from previous failures, we changed tactics and strategies and finally we will succeed. Our success is due to our unflinching determination after bitter failures. Demosthenes, the greatest Athenian orator, before reaching the acme of his glory, had to suffer so much despair and failure. The audience did not pay much attention to his political speeches because of his weak voice. He resolved that he would get rid of this defect. Day after day, he went to the sea, shouting and roaring with deafening sounds of waves and in the end he acquired a convincing and sonorous voice as he had wished.

The above saying is quite right if it is applied to the pupils’ lives. If we are weak at certain subjects, do not be disappointed. Be consistent in our study. We should learn more from our friends, our teachers and others and listen to their advice. Thus, in the long run, we can get over our defects and weakness.

In conclusion, the saying: “Failure is the mother of success” can serve as a guide for those who show pessimism after their failures and always surrender themselves to obstacles and difficulties.

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Friday, August 1, 2008

How can I become the person I want to be?

How can I become the person I want to be?

Since my childhood I have always kept a sweet memory about my father. To me, the image of my father where he stood in front of a Frenchman, speaking French fluently many years ago made a deep impression in my mind and from that time on I have dreamt of becoming a good teacher of a foreign language like my father.

How can I become the person I want to be? To attain this aim, I must be consistent and determined. Consistency and determination are vital factors leading me to my success. Therefore, I am always determined to my success and I devote all my time to my study. My knowledge is not good and sufficient enough, so I have to read more books on every aspect. No famous authors, writers or poets become well – versed in their research without any experiences from their predecessors. “Where there is a will there is a way”. After many years of hard study, I have been able to read all kinds of books without any difficulties.

A good teacher, in my opinion, is just like a good actor on the stage. To reach this aim, I should acquire a good, strong and convincing voice and a lively gesture. Watch a teacher explaining a lesson in front of his students; he never stands motionless on the teaching platform. He goes up and down, using his fingers, hands and arms to express his feelings and emotions. His voice which is now sonorous and now high-soaring attracts his students’ attention. They keep as silent as graves and give their whole mind to their teacher’s lecture. But when the practice time comes, they become restless and animated. They take an active part in the practice. They ask questions and answer the ones put by their teacher. If they do not understand something they promptly ask him; and he must satisfy their inquisitiveness.

Thus the teacher must be well – experienced and erudite. In this ways, if I want to become a profound and experienced teacher, I should read more good books, learn more experiences from my teachers and friends and never be tired of collecting as much knowledge as possible. “Live and learn” and “Little knowledge is a dangerous thing” are famous sayings which urge me to be more active, diligent and zealous in my study.

Then being a good teacher I must have an immense love for my students and forgive them for their mistakes. I must be patient and aware of every situation of my students to encourage them and help them with their learning.

With my consistency, patience, modesty and zeal for knowledge, I hope that upon graduating from university I will become a good teacher capable of guiding my students to every success in their lives.

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Family is a very good school

Anatole France said: “Family is a very good school”. Explain this sentence and comment on it.

School is the place where the pupils’ parents entrust the teachers with the education and training of their children. School is the place where useful citizens have been formed for society. However, a French writer said: “Family is a very good school”. By adducing concrete proofs, let’s find out the meaning of it and try to appreciate its value.

Family is a school. The role of the mother in the family is of utmost importance. She is both a mother and an educator. The child’s immaturity of mind has been deeply influenced by the mother’s lullabies and by the first lessons she has taught him since his childhood. Growing up beside his mother the child began to discover what was happening around him with his curious mind. So the mother must have a general knowledge in order that she can satisfy her child’s thirst for knowledge. From this point of view, family is the very base of the school education.

Family is a good school. Family does not teach the child subject as school does but the influences of family upon the child’s mind are undeniable. It is in family, not in school that the child can learn good habits and customs together with mutual love and support. These lessons are much more practical than the abstract and theoretical ones taught in school.

Therefore the above sentence offers us a valuable lesson about the importance of family to the education of children. It also justifies that the education which a child gets from his family is not less important than the knowledge he obtains at school. The above sentence is perfectly right in a country, which always pays close attention to the role of the family and regards family as a basic unit of society. But in the society where family is not considered as the foundation of society, this sentence has only a relative value.

To sum up, school helps us train specialists while family forms good citizens who are willing to devote their talents and minds to their country and their fatherland.

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Những bài luận essay mẫu tiếng anh

There is no place like home

Write an essay on: “There is no place like home”.

Home! Home! There is no place like home. This saying always makes a deep impression on my mind whenever I think of it.

My home is the sweetest, the loveliest and the best place in the world. In spite of its shabbiness, I still prefer it to any beautiful places on the globe. I would sacrifice all the comforts and luxuries of a modern building in a distant place in exchange for the simple dwelling place, my sweet home!

Fancy we are away from home for a long time. How can we forget the place where we were born and brought up in the tenderness and love of our beloved mother? Nothing cannot prevent us from recalling pleasant and cozy evenings spent by the fire-place during winter beside our dear ones. We are tied to our home by bonds of affection and love: our mother is always ready to accede to our wishes and look after our daily needs, and our father willing to sacrifice everything to make us happy and comfortable.

All people, in any case, in any places or in whatever position they may be, once far from their homes, are expecting to return to their warm hearths. The very thought of home fills them with deep emotion and serene bliss. They are looking forward to enjoying the cozy atmosphere of their families, seeing their relatives, their friends and their playmates again. The famous sycamore in front of the house, the lake alive with fish and radiant with lotus flowers are closely associated with their early childhood.

Uncle Ho, after many years of exile and imprisonment in China, after his release when reaching our boundary, picked up a piece of earth in his hand, kissed it and cried with joy. The sailors, sailing across the sea, foster bright hopes of returning to their sweet homes on land, the warriors fighting the enemies in the battlefield are equally attached to the bracing atmosphere of their homeland.

In fact, a man, whatever his occupation may be, loves his hearth and home tenderly. It is his cradle, his nursery, his school and his paradise on earth.

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Những bài luận essay mẫu tiếng anh
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Supposing you were the only survivor of a shipwreck and what would you do there during two weeks?

Supposing you were the only survivor of a shipwreck and were washed up on a deserted island. What would you do there during two weeks?

On a cold evening of April our ship was sailing for Ireland. Suddenly a violent storm rose and overturned our ship. Fortunately I clang to a plank and was washed up on an island.

It was pitch-dark. On reaching the island, I fumbled for a smooth place to lie down. Quite exhausted I slept for a long time. I woke up with a start when I was dazzled by glaring sunlight. How I felt hungry and thirsty! The island with its gorgeous landscape at dawn appeared before my eyes.

I began to explore the island. It was an uninhabited island surrounded by gigantic trees. Yellow fruit dangling in the fresh morning breeze seduced my hunger. I tasted one. How sweet and delicious it was! I devoured greedily a lot of them then I lay down comfortably on a patch of soft grass. Around me were fragrance and twittering of birds. Pricking up my ears, I heard a stream babbling somewhere. I sprang up and cast a glance around. There, far away, on the right, a waterfall was cascading down the mountainside. I rushed toward it. Stooping down I swallowed gulps of water in raptures. In the afternoon when I was wandering around the island, I happened to find out a cave a hidden behind the dense foliage. It was convenient for me to turn it into lodging and bed for the night.

Day in day out, nearly two weeks passed by. My food was mere fruit and some fish and lobster caught from the stream. Sometimes I tried to hunt some wild animals but in vain. Had I been equipped with necessary things, I would have enjoyed remaining here for food.

One morning I caught sight of a boat on the horizon. I signaled and shouted out loudly. I was rescued but so far I have fostered the memories of a fairy land which I had once happened to discover!

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Những bài viết luận essay mẫu tiếng anh
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