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Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Write a passage criticizing the tramps’ way of life

Write a passage criticizing the tramps’ way of life

Living in a community we should always have a sense of responsibility to others. But tramps are leading quite different lives: they need nobody and do not care about anything at all.

Look at those tramps who are wandering in the streets. They have no homes, no wives, no children and no work. They are free from all worries and troubles. Are they hungry? They may ask you for some money or they may try any trick in the book to get it. When night falls, they may seek a certain sleeping place: in the open air, in the park, underneath the bridge or under the threshold of an abandoned house.

These tramps assume no responsibility to anybody at all. They are willing to lead a selfish life, paying no interest in the others’ affair. Are our compatriots in danger or are they suffering from calamity? These tramps completely remain indifferent.

What do we think of these tramps? To my mind, they are merely lazy parasites on society. An individual depends closely on a community in which he is living. Happy or unhappy he is in need of others. He only lives half of his life if he only lives for himself. The greatest happiness of a mother is to take care of her husband and her children; and the greatest joys of a teacher are found in educating his students into useful citizens for their country.

On the other hand, we are greatly indebted to our ancestors as well as to our society. In return for this great debt, we should do our best; we should devote all our energies and efforts to helping our compatriots with their difficulties and making our country into a wealthy and powerful one. If we had the mentality of the tramps, we should still be savages for good.

To feel great sympathy for our countrymen’s sorrow and suffering is to create an indefinite joy for ever for our lives. We will be quite cheerful and light-hearted to enjoy the secret of our happiness and the real meaning of our lives if we live for others.

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Những bài essay mẫu - Các bài viết luận tiếng anh
Những bài essay mẫu - Các bài viết luận tiếng anh
Các bài essay mẫu - Những bài viết luận mẫu tiếng anh


Ho Chi Minh in the future

The city we are living in has been called “The Pearl of the Far East”. After the Liberation Day, Sai Gon was named Ho Chi Minh City where many years ago, Prime Minister Ho Chi Minh started his journey abroad, seeking the national salvation from the yoke of foreign invaders.

Now our government is trying to ameliorate the face of HCM city so that in the future it would be one of the most modern cities in The South East Asia, worthy to bear the name of our venerable leader.

At present, in fact, HCM city still has its disadvantageous and backward features. It is a narrow and crowded city. We have to live night and day in a suffocating atmosphere. Sometimes we feel that there is not enough fresh air for us to breathe. Almost all roads are crammed with assorted kinds of vehicles: cars, lorries, handcarts, pushcarts, wheelbarrows, taxis, motorbikes, bicycles and pedi-cabs. There have been serious traffic accidents, especially in the rush hours. Traffic jams are, therefore, inevitable. As a result, it takes the city dwellers lot of time to reach their destination and they frequently come to their destination late.

Living in such a backward and inconvenient city, all of us hope to live in a more comfortable and modern city. Realizing the city dwellers’ well-founded hope, the government has decided to have a new city redesigned totally suitable to modern style of living of the city residents.

HCM city in the future will meet all urgent needs of everybody. There will be no private houses, no private gardens and no slum areas huddled along ill-smelling canals. Blocks of spacious and modern flats, fully equipped, will be built in private areas, not far from schools and markets. Pupils will not have to cross busy streets to go to schools.

Housewives can walk to their shopping centers. Cars and motorbikes will not be necessary for them. The communication system will be upgraded and improved. Streets will not be flooded in the rainy season any more. Buying and selling on the pavements will be strictly prohibited.

Living in such a modern city we are no longer worried about traffic jams and accidents. We will be happy to live in a city of high civilization and modernity.

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Những bài luận essay mẫu tiếng anh
Những bài luận essay mẫu tiếng anh

What science has done to make our lives easier and more comfortable?

What science has done to make our lives easier and more comfortable?

Nowadays science has made great progress in every aspect. More and more wonderful machines invented by scientists have rendered a man’s life much easier and more comfortable.

In fact, the century we are living in has been called the machine age. We feel the presence of science whenever we go. And the benefits it has brought to mankind are boundless.

First, science has brought comfort to human mental life. The most wonderful invention of science is, in my opinion, the electronic computer. With lightening speed, an electronic computer can help us solve lots of thorny problems which took man quite a very long time to do with his brain.

Second, science has made our material lives easier. It takes a housewife a few minutes to prepare breakfast if she has enough modern facilities. Eggs are cooking on the electric stove, bread is being toasted in an electric toaster and coffee is being made in an electric coffee maker. From the electric refrigerator she takes a can of orange juice and opens it with an electric can opener. Breakfast is ready in very short time.

Third, science has brought about the shortening of space. Different means of communication and transportation have been increasingly invented and improved. We are no longer slaves to the universe as we used to be but masters of the whole air and sea areas by means of aeroplanes and steamships. In the future, we hope we will enjoy an interplanetary traveling by missiles. Telegraph, fax, radio, television are man’s victories over the obstacles of time and space.

Fourth, science has contributed to the mutual understanding of mankind and the prosperity of commerce and trades once the distance between nations has been shortened. The world is getting smaller and smaller. Men all over the world regardless of their races, religious and traditions need to sit closely together, discussing international affairs for the sake of peace and welfare of the world.

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Bài essay mẫu

You tell a foreigner about your beloved homeland

You tell a foreigner about your beloved homeland

Our country has an S-shape, stretching from the South China Sea to Ca Mau cape with a surface of 320.000 square kilometers and a population of more than seventy millions. Most people live on agriculture. The Red River and the Mekong River deltas are the two rice-baskets of the whole country. Vietnam is holding the third place among the rice-exporting countries in the world.

Our Vietnamese people, through many years living under the yoke of French colonialists, Japanese fascists and American Imperialists had to undergo great hardships and sufferings. But with an unyielding spirit and with the wise leadership of the Vietnamese Communist Party the Vietnamese people launched a long and courageous struggle against foreign invaders and finally succeeded in sweeping all of them out of the country.

On April 30, 1975, we were able to restore our whole freedom and independence. The entire country has been reunified from North to South. The Dien Bien Phu Victory and the Great Victory of Spring 1975 are the most glorious feats of arms in the Vietnamese History.

No sooner had peace been restored on our territory than we began to heal the wounds of the atrocious war. In our nation reconstruction, we have been helped wholeheartedly by our friends from five continents. We are always grateful to this precious help and contribution.

Rich in natural resources and abundant in minerals, our beloved Vietnam with its industrious and creative people will be one of the wealthiest and most powerful countries in South East Asia in years to come.

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Những bài viết luận tiếng anh – Các bài luận essay mẫu thường dùng

Would you prefer an expensive wedding with lots of guests or a simple one?

Would you prefer to have an expensive and ostentatious wedding with lots of guests or a simple and quiet one?

Everyone has his own conception. These viewpoints are quite different from each other, especially in ceremonies and rites, for example, in a wedding ceremony.

Last Sunday, one of my closest girlfriends invited me to her wedding. The bride was born of a middle-class family. Her parents are retired government officials. To satisfy their daughter’s wishes, they had to organize a pompous and expensive wedding. The wedding was prepared carefully: they had the house whitewashed and decorated, lanterns and gorgeous flowers were hung everywhere.

On the wedding day, the bride wore a full-length pink dress, with a crown on her head just like a queen. A great number of guests were invited to the party. Delicious and rare main courses were served in the deafening sounds of rock music. Almost all guests drank so much whisky and brandy that they got as drunk as lords, and the wedding party lasted three days and three nights. It was rumored that her wedding party cost half of her parents’ fortune.

As for me, I have a quite different conception of wedding. I prefer to have a very simple and quiet wedding party rather than an ostentatious and expensive one.

Before my wedding, I myself will decorate the living-room in accordance with my taste. In my wedding ceremony, I will wear a traditional dress which represents chastity and purity. Only few friends and relatives will be invited to my simple wedding party. There will be no rock music and no other kinds of festivals.

In summary, I conceive that the happiness of a newly-married couple cannot be found in an ostentatious and expensive wedding which only ruins their health and their parent’s fortune.

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Which part of your country would you prefer to live in?

Which part of your country would you prefer to live in?

Being a man quite interested in Nature, I would like to settle down in Hue Old Capital for the rest of my life because it is in this beloved city that I can perceive clearly the rotation of the universe: Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter, each season with its own beauty and attractiveness.

When Spring arrives, flowers and leaves come out in buds. Long icy months of winter actually give way to spring days full of warm sunshine. Warm coats and woolen sweaters of different colors worn in winter are now being washed and dried off and put in the wardrobes waiting for the next winter to be put on again. In spring the sky in Hue seems higher and clearer. White clouds drifting on high reflect in The Perfume River, looking just like silk ribbons.

Hue is well-known for her attractive Perfume River. On a certain Spring evening if you sit by the Perfume River you will be enraptured by her tender beauty and fantastic gracefulness.

Warm Spring passes by and burning summer arrives. The extreme heat of summer days in Hue fortified by the sultry wind from Laos makes you feel suffocated and annoyed but a leisurely walk along the Perfume River banks or a visit to Thuan An seashore with its fresh air and cool water will drive away your feeling of unpleasantness at once.

Summer comes! Summer comes! The pupils’ hearts are beating wildly with joy. A long year of study has just passed and the examinations have just been over. They are all delighted to welcome summer in the gorgeous colors of flamboyant blossoms and in the cheerful chirps of cicadas. Summer entertainments are waiting for them ahead.

Hot summer days end; then cool autumnal days start. Autumn comes together with dead leaves falling, falling on every path. The sky turns extremely blue. Cool breeze lulls us to a sound sleep. Autumnal moonlit nights in Hue look so marvelous! The sky is perfectly blue and clear. The full moon spreads a glittering light over Vi Da hamlet luxuriant with gardens of areca palm-trees and bamboo hedges. In the stillness of the peaceful night a song on Hue heard from a far, distinctly and then indistinctly mingled in the moonlight creates a fair land on earth.

Then incessant rains of winter put an opaque veil over Hue city. Persistent rains and icy chill urge visitors to leave Hue immediately, but do not hurry please, my dear visitors. Hue residents have a miracle to retain your wandering steps. Bowls of hot beef noodles seasoned with pimento and red pepper can keep you from the icy atmosphere or packets of dried peanuts eaten during the nights help you to prevent from getting numb with biting coldness.

Everybody has once visited dear old Hue will keep sweet memories of this ancient Capital for ever and to me, I deeply regret having spent a short time in my dear old city but I still nurture happy and sad recollections of Hue for years and long for a reunion day with my beloved Hue again.

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The important role of newspaper and magazines in our lives

The important role of newspaper and magazines in our lives

The more society is developed the more means of communication are required. Among means of communication, newspaper and magazines play an important role in our lives.

Firstly, newspapers and magazines supply us with a variety of news every day. They keep us informed of the political situation of the world. By reading newspapers and magazines we can know what is happening in our country as well as in the world at large.

Secondly, newspaper and magazines contribute a great deal to the development of our knowledge. Through valuable and subtle critical and commentary articles on culture, social civilization, new life style we learn a lot of interesting things. Thanks to newspapers and magazines, our mind and point of view are consolidated and enriched. When reading them we can train our reasoning power.

Thirdly, through newspapers and magazines reading, we can find out what we need to know: a job in the situations vacant column, an object we want to buy in the advertising page, a missing relative in the finding missing relative column and condolence news in the agony column.

Fourthly, the Police Newspapers and Magazines help us take precautious against social evils such as theft, murder, robbery, rape, gambling and smuggling.

Fifthly, we can improve our English language by reading newspapers and magazines written in English. This enables us to broaden our knowledge of English in every aspect.

In conclusion, well-grounded and best-selling newspapers and magazines are worth reading. They are the mouthpiece of the nation and the unseen advisers of the common people.

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The best age to be

The best age to be

Generally children wish they were grown up and old people wish they were young again. Each age has its own pleasures and pains. To my mind, the happiest person is the one who knows how to enjoy fully what his age has brought to him.

Childhood is the happiest time in one’s life. If the children are brought up by good families they will be well-bred, loved and taken care of carefully. They will become useful citizens to society.

But childhood has its pains too. They are not allowed to do whatever they wish. If they do something wrong they will be punished. Therefore they are not quite happy.

When they grow up, they completely get rid of strict regulations and rules from their parents and schools but they have to work for their food, their clothes and their lodging. Now they must have responsibility towards their families and society.

The old age has been always considered as the worst age to be, but it is not necessary for the old to be unhappy.

After many years of hard work, when reaching their old age, the old man accumulated lots of experiences which will be valuable treasure for their future generations. They are now entitled to the pride in what they have bequeathed to their children. They can have the joy of seeing their children and grandchildren making progress in life or growing up around them. Moreover, if in their past lives they had great contributions to society, to their fatherland they would be remembered for ever and ever by the generations to come.

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Tuesday, July 29, 2008

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The important of newspaper
The importance of newspaper
Newspaper can promote the welfare of the people; therefore, newspaper is very important in a community. It offer a lot of good things for the society. Newspaper can have influence upon the government of a country, can advise the government to do many things for the benefit of citizens.

Fire is a good servant
However whenever fire is out of control, it will spoil and kill many lives and cause damage of property so quickly. The world has lost billions of dollars because of fire out of control. Everybody must be cautious of fire. Be careful otherwise they will lose many things even their lives.

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Importance of examinations in education
If no examinations are taken in life, less scholars would have been to others. Examinations motivate and encourage students to read as mush as possible; then people of the society absorb and develop the knowledge of humanity.

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English is very important nowadays for a very large number of books are written in this language. Furthermore, we can contact with a variety of people from many parts of the earth.

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Cinema may be found in almost every town. The cinema brings people entertainment after hard-working day. Few people do not like to go to the cinema to reduce stress. To some extent, they can acquire more or less advantages and disadvantages of cinema.

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The rainy season is quite important. The rainy season can bring many benefits to farmers in particular and everyone in general. Rains supply water for crops and for daily need of individuals in every society.

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Everybody may know clearly why they read newspaper everyday - For latest information of their country and of the world.

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Nowadays we easily see that girls dress like boys and young guys look like ladies. What do you think about this way of dressing of today people?

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Boys dress like girls and girls like boys in today society.

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Các bài luận mẫu

Importance of reading newspaper
Every morning, after getting up early and having breakfast, I read newspapers. It is a habit. More than that, it is because reading newspapers is a very important activity.

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Tìm những bài viết luận tiếng anh mẫu english essay

Why are good books good teachers and friends?

Why are good books good teachers and friends?

It is often said: “Tell me what you are reading and I will tell you who you are”.

For me, a good book is always a good teacher guiding me through life as well as a true companion encouraging me and consulting me in my desperate straits.

In fact, interesting books are a source of invaluable knowledge to those who want to master everything they haven’t known before. Through masterpieces all over the world we can realize the whole outstanding culture and civilization of mankind in every aspect: literature, science, sociology, anthropology, technology and economics.

Nobody denies the important role of good books in developing man’s knowledge. The more we read valuable books the more we become wise and experienced. By reading books, we can get rid of all prejudices and narrow-mindedness. We can no longer live in The Ivory Tower like a recluse and therefore we can get along with other people around us easily.

Next, good books are true companions who always share our joys and sorrows in our daily activities. Are you in low spirits and disappointed in your affairs? Read wise advice through books by profound scholars and authors. Are you sad? Read subtle humorous stories of well-known humorists in the world. All your sorrows and disappointments will vanish at once.

In summary, good books help us train our personality. They help us distinguish the Good from the Bad and they lead us to the True, the Good and the Beautiful.

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Monday, July 28, 2008

An ideal education system

What would be to your mind an ideal education system?

A country is weak or powerful, which depends on its education system. Realizing the important role of education in life, Ho Chi Minh, in one of his speeches on education, said: “For the sake of ten years’ benefits, plant trees; for the sake of one hundred years’ benefits, educate people.”

An ideal education system must try to carry out the following aims.

First, training human personality both mentally and physically is important. It is said that a sound mind is in a healthy body. The morality and the quality of a man must be the main concern of the Department of Education.

Second, schools must be connected closely with families and society. Schools must always encourage pupils’ families to cooperate in educating their children.

Third, the practical side of education must be emphasized. An ideal education system must not be entirely theoretical; on the contrary, theory must be linked up with practice. Besides the cultivation of knowledge for young generations, ideal education must train them to have great capacity and skills so that they are ready to make steady progress in life.

Fourth, society is more and more developed; therefore, textbooks and curriculums must be often supplemented in accordance with present and future needs.

Fifth, training and tempering a passionate love for one’s country in every citizen’s heart, ready to serve their country in peacetime and to fight courageously to protect their fatherland in wartime. The examples of sacrifice of our heroes in the past as well as in the present must be introduced through textbooks in elementary schools.

Sixth, training and forming educators, teachers and professors of good conduct and high quality, teaching and educating students and pupils to hold their teachers in the greatest veneration and respect. Furthering the traditions to respect teachers and esteem morality highly in every class of people.

To sum up, an ideal education is the nucleus of an ideal society.

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Advantages and disadvantages of money

The advantages and disadvantages of money

Everybody knows the value of money. Nothing is more powerful than money.

In fact, if we have no money, we cannot buy goods, clothes and other necessaries we need. Without money, we cannot go to the movies, theaters or other amusements places.

How can we spend our free time pleasantly on rainy evenings without a color television in front of us? Music from a new hi-fi can relax us quickly after a hard day of work. But how can we satisfy our needs, our desires and our pleasures when we cannot afford to buy them?

Thanks to money we can improve our spiritual activities easily. We can go to any schools, any universities we like to further our knowledge. If our parents are wealthy and powerful we may be sent abroad to study. Moreover, we can enjoy pure happiness by contributing our money to Charity funds to help the poor, the wretched and the victims of other disasters.

But money not only brings us the good but the bad as well. This accounts for much of the wickedness in the world. The rich often depend on it to oppress the poor and millionaires sometimes treat their servants with great cruelty. Many young people, being purse proud of their parent’s wealth and richness, neglect their school activities, always play truant and indulge themselves in alcohol, gambling and debaucheries. They often commit suicide after playing ducks and drakes with all their parents’ fortune. Money, in this way, is the root of all evils.

To sum up, happiness does not depend on the quantity of money but on the way how we use it. We should use our money properly. The right use of money may bring us a comfortable life and a cheerful heart.

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Advantages and disadvantages of television

The advantages and disadvantages of television

Nowadays many people all over the world spent most of their free time watching television; but since its appearance, television has brought to man many advantages as well as disadvantages.

First, television plays an important role in our daily activities: it keeps us informed of all current affairs in the world. Events through television are more vivid than those through books and magazines.

Second, television helps us enrich our spiritual lives. Our knowledge is broadened in many ways. Through language teaching programs, we can learn the language we like such as: English, French, German, Chinese, Japanese and so on. We can become skilful and clever at doing jobs, making cakes or arranging flowers through practical courses taught on television.

Finally, television is a source of recreation. Humorous stories and funny films bring us minutes of relaxation after a hard day’s work. For me, sitting comfortably in an arm-chair to watch an international football match on television is more interesting than having to queue for tickets at a crowded stadium.

Apart from its advantages, however, television also brings lots of disadvantages to viewers too.

First, television viewers gradually become passive in their action. Television may be a splendid media of communication, but it prevents us from communicating with each other or with the outer world. The world seen through television is only the restricted one: It separates us from the real world.

Second, television, with its fascinating power, makes people of all ages sink into oblivion: whole generations are growing up addicted to the telly. Pupils and students are so absorbed in television that they neglect their school activities. Food is left uneaten, homework undone and lessons unprepared. Housewives are so keen on watching television that they neglect their duties toward their husbands and their children. Instead of watching television, we may use the time for a real family hour. Without the distraction of television, we may sit around together after dinner and actually talk to one another to know and like each other better.

Finally, the evil influence of television on the young generation is inevitable; it encourages them to commit crimes. Spectacles of sadism and violence on television lead them to robbery, theft, rape and murder.

In a nutshell, television is useful to us when we know how to use it: Be careful not to overindulge ourselves in it and use it in a discerning manner.

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The city or the country

The advantages of living in the country and the disadvantages of living in the city.

Although I was born and brought up in the country, I spent most of my time in the city; however, a comfortable life in the city has never appealed to me at all. And the country with its advantages still has a call to me for good.

First, the fresh and clean air of the country makes you feel healthier. How relaxed and pleasant you are when you can enjoy the pure air wafted with soft fragrance of areca and grapefruit trees in your garden! Therefore, you can take a stroll around the garden every morning and night. The stifling and polluted atmosphere of a crowded city, on the contrary, makes you suffocated and annoyed. It may breed neurosis and other fatal diseases to urban residents.

Second, living in the country may feel safer while in town, the city dwellers are in state of continuously being afraid of committing violent deaths caused by careless drivers or foolhardy motor-cyclists.

Third, if you have a poetic soul, you will find in the country a source of “divine inspiration”. To my mind, nothing can be compared with the moonlight through foliages or the gorgeous slow of the sunset on yellow rice-fields. I often see the moon shedding its light on the city but how desperate I feel! The moon itself has lost its natural beauty and it seems to me a pale disc hanging shamelessly in a zone surrounded by angrily dazzling neon lights. The silvery moonlight in the country has a mystic power to soothe your pains and sufferings and it does help you escape from the material world.

Fourth, if you are fond of gardening, you can spend your free time digging, planting and watering. Gardening is my favorite hobby. What a serene joy I feel when I watch my fruit trees growing amid the melodious twitters of birds and how sweet and delicious their fruit are when I taste my first successful result! I cannot help feeling sorry for the city dwellers who day and night have indulged themselves in debaucheries and can never enjoy a minute of pure bliss in the countryside.

Finally, in the country you can rest from the noise and bustle of the town. Even though you have to get up early to catch buses to get to work in town, you can sleep better at night without being disturbed by deafening sirens of cars or machines running noisily all the time.

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Sunday, July 27, 2008

The reason why the young people prefer to live in town

The reason why the young people prefer to live in town

Young people are always active and keen on learning; so most of them prefer to live in town.

First of all, living in town, they have many chances to widen their knowledge. Nowadays many language schools and centers open in town. They can go to any evening classes to improve their foreign languages such as French, English, Russian, German, Japanese and Chinese. Experienced teachers and professors are ready to provide them with what they want to know. Besides that, they can go to public libraries or English speaking clubs to broaden their knowledge and improve their English speaking skills.

Second, living in town, they can keep abreast of current affairs all over the world by reading newspapers, magazines or by watching television or listening to the radio. In the morning, they saw Kuwait occupied by Irag troops but in the evening, they saw them driven out of this oil-producing country by powerful allied forces.

Third, our country is open to all foreign investments and town is the cradle of industrial development. Therefore, upon graduating from university, they can have favorable opportunities to make full use of their ability.

Finally, there are many comfortable means of communication and entertainment in town. They can go anywhere they like and after a hard day’s work they can enjoy minutes of recreation by watching interesting films on a large screen in a modern and air-conditioned cinema in town.

For the above-mentioned reasons, an urban life has always been a fascinating appeal to all young men in the world.

Life in the city, compared with life in the country

Life in the city, compared with life in the country

In my opinion, urban life or rural life has its own advantages and disadvantages.

First, living in the city we may enjoy those benefits.

- Communication and transportation systems are better. There are so many means of communication and transport that we can choose the ones we like best. We can get in touch with a friend or talk to him by phone without having to go out of home.

- Thanks to electricity network and running water, our material lives are more comfortable. Supermarkets, markets and shops are found everywhere and we can buy anything we need providing that we can afford it.

- Urban life provides us with all sorts of entertainments: televisions, radios, movies, theatres, concerts and famous recreation centers.

- Living in town we can improve our knowledge easily by attending any schools, universities or evening classes where experienced teachers and professors are ready to satisfy our thirst for knowledge.

Besides its advantages, urban life also has its disadvantages:

- Our health is in danger: pollution by factories and heavy traffic may cause serious diseases to all of us.

- Evil influence upon the young generation by obscene video films is inevitable.

- Violent deaths happen regularly in such a crowded city with all kinds of vehicles.

On the contrary, rural life seems ideal to all of us, especially to the old.

- We can enjoy fresh, cool air and behold beautiful landscapes in the country.

- How safe and delighted we are when we can sleep a sound sleep at any time of the day without being disturbed by sirens of cars or by deafening noises from manufacturing factories.

- Our social lives in the country are easier: we can eat the food and vegetables we grow, the chickens and goats we raise. The countrymen lead a very simple life and they are quick at mutual help in any case.

Apart from these advantages, living in the country we may meet lots of difficulties too.

- Communication and transportation are obstructed by lack of means of transport or by floods in the rainy season.

- Our knowledge is limited by being short of mass media.

- Our social and physical lives are not as comfortable as those in town because of lack of electricity and medical care.

In a nutshell, our love for town life or country life depends on our outlook and age. As for me, I always prefer rural life to urban life.

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Saturday, July 26, 2008

Unemployment and Job-creation projects currently run in your country

Unemployment, especially among young people, is a serious problem in many countries today. What can be done about it? What do you think about job-creation projects currently run in Vietnam?

Leaders off all countries in the world are confronting a serious problem – unemployment. Unemployment leads to social degeneration. In less developed countries, unemployment becomes increasingly crucial. In Vietnam, our government are trying to solve unemployment which has increased in recent years. The following measures have been applied.

Young jobless people from 18-35 are taught certain careers suitable to their ability and their liking.

People whose knowledge is weak are sent to evening continuation classes.

After learning a career, they will be introduced to some companies in the city. Up till now a number of unemployed people have been able to get jobs.

Moreover a great number of young people were sent abroad to learn different careers. After the course, they will return to their country and will be qualified for some jobs offered to them.

The job-creation projects currently run in Vietnam can, to some extent, reduce unemployment, however, there are still lots of young people who are out of work and have to make a rather precarious living and therefore social evils cannot be avoidable “Idleness is the mother of all vices”.

To reduce unemployment in our country, the government should pay close attention to the following matters:

- For young people weak at knowledge: Open more career schools or encourage them to move to new economic zones where conditions of living should be favorable to them from the outset.
- The training plan should be effective from the beginning to the end, that is to say, each student, upon graduating, must have a post.
- The training program should be planned to the letter, not on a large scale but to an extent previously scheduled.
- The vocational training program should be introduced in the High School curriculum. The pupils should be taught knowledge and skills at the same time so that after leaving school they are able to find a job suited to their ability and capacity.
- Young engineers, doctors, scientists, specialists, teachers should be given preferential conditions to find jobs from any government offices or be introduced to foreign companies in Vietnam.
- Excellent students should be granted scholarship.

I hope that once these proper measures are strictly applied, the number of unemployment people will probably diminish and that the government will no longer worry about social evils which destroy human dignity.

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Bài luận mẫu
Các bài luận essay mẫu tiếng anh - các bài viết luận english essays

The reasons for your study of English and the ways you have been learning it

The reasons for your study of English and the ways you have been learning it

It cannot be denied that today English is the most widely used language in the world. It has been used in all spheres of public activity. Because of its importance I have chosen English as the second language after my mother tongue.

In fact, English has become the international language. If I master this language I can go to any continent in the world: Asia, Europe, Africa, America and Australia. Everywhere people speak English. Because of its popularity, innumerable books have been written in English; so one of my ways of improving my English is to read books on a variety of subjects: science, sociology, anthropology, geology, entomology, political science and so on. If I read books on one or two subjects only my vocabulary will not increase fast enough. Therefore I try my best to accumulate as many vocabularies as possible by reading about different subjects because each subject has its own vocabularies. The more subjects I read in English the more words I can acquire to express my ideas and thoughts with great ease and satisfaction.

I have dreamed of becoming a tourist guide one day. In order to realize this hope I should read more books on traveling and learn more vocabulary on different aspects. Standing before one of my historical vestiges, how can I tell my tourists about the history of my country and the courageous struggles of my people during the period of founding the nation and defending it against foreign invaders if I am not able to obtain any knowledge, any words on this domain?

After French, English is a living language because of its vitality and lucidity. Thanks to these characteristics, English has been used in all important meetings and conferences or in summit talks between leaders of powerful countries. To acquire correct and fluent English I should learn the basic rules of English Grammar and practice speaking English regularly with my friends and my teachers. “Practice makes perfect”. I should frequently listen to native English speakers through videos, television and radio. Whenever I find a new word whose pronunciation I do not know I should look it up in the “Every man’s English Pronouncing Dictionary” by Daniel Jones, a very precious dictionary for English beginners.

Being aware of the preeminence of the English language in every aspect of man’s activity, I have been learning it with great zeal and avidity.

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The difficulties in learning English and how to overcome them

The difficulties in learning English and how to overcome them

The difficulties in learning English and how to overcome them

Beginners of foreign language always meet difficulties from the outset. For me, I had to overcome these problems when I started learning English.

English pronunciation is my first obstacle. The pronunciation in English puzzles me a lot because the same letter has different sounds. For example the letter “a” in “bath” is not pronounced in the same way of that in “bathe”. The “ou” in “South” is also different from “ou” in “Southern”. Generally verbs and nouns are pronounced differently although they are written the same. Record is a good example to illustrate it.

In order to solve this puzzling question I carefully study The A.P.A (The International Phonetic Alphabets) which helps me pronounce English words correctly.

In order to have an accent just like the native speakers, I often listen to tapes and repeat after them, trying to imitate them. Moreover, my everyday conversation with the foreigners I meet in the street will enable me to acquire a proper accent.

Compared with French, English grammar is much easier. However, this does not mean that learners meet no difficulties in learning it. It took me a long time to learn how to master the tenses in English grammar, to endeavor to do as many grammar exercises as possible and read various grammar books.

In writing English, English language has its own style. In order to drill writing skills, I have tried to read famous novels of distinguished America and English writers. I enjoy the humorous style of writing in Mark Twain’s masterpieces, the elaborate and polished style of George Eliot and the sentimental and lyrical style of John Keats.

After long and hard years of English study, how pleased I feel when I am able to read English and American authors without any obstacles and difficulties at all.

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Your most embarrassing experience

Your most embarrassing experience

Our family live in the suburb of HCM city, not far from the central city. It is about 30 kilometers to the South.

Last week my parents, my brothers and my sisters paid a visit to my grandparents in the country and I therefore stayed at home alone. I used to get up very early in the morning. As usual, after going to the market to buy some necessary things, I came back home to start doing the housework such as cleaning the floor, making the bed, making coffee and preparing lunch. The house now was so clean and tidy that it seemed bigger and larger. I had worked from 7:00 a.m. to 9:00 a.m. I was so tired that I had to stop working for a rest. After 15 minutes of relaxation, I started working again.

Right after I had taken the teapot from the cupboard, I suddenly felt something burning downstairs. I got so embarrassed and frightened that I dropped the teapot while I was hurrying downstairs. To my horror and surprise, the kettle on the electric stove was on fire. I was in such a confusing state that I was quite at a loss. Then I came up an idea: I rushed to the switchboard to cut off the electric power. The house suddenly became as dark as pitch. In the pitch-dark kitchen, the kettle turned so dazzling red that it looked just like a hot burning sun on a stifling summer afternoon.

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Your most frightening experience

Your most frightening experience

My worst experience happened on an airplane a long time ago.

After graduating from High-School in Hue, I was quite happy when my parents allowed me to continue my study in Saigon.

Living far from my family, I longed for an opportunity to see my dear people again and at that time the best way to travel to Hue was to use DC2 or DC4 planes. It took me only one and a half hours to fly from Tan Son Nhat airport to Phu Bai Airport. I often enjoyed comfortable and pleasant flights, but one day during my air trip to Hue I experienced the most frightening incident I have ever had in my life.

It was in the winter when I received a letter from my parents informing me off my sister’s approaching wedding ceremony. I hurried to Vietnam Airline Office to buy a return-ticket to Hue. I boarded a DC4 plane that morning. When I was flying over Nha Trang city, it began to rain.

Looking out of the window, I saw Nha Trang surrounded in a dense veil of rain. We were making good time; but when we flew to Da Nang the weather suddenly got worse. It was raining heavily and the wind was blowing furiously. I was a little nervous. The plane was all right for about 30 minutes. I was listening to the music on the plane’s radio. Other passengers were talking. The stewardesses were serving drinks and food to the passengers. Looking out of the window, I saw masses of dense black clouds flying past and Hai Van pass was veiled in a curtain of heavy rain, dimly winding below. Suddenly lightning struck one of the engines. The plane dropped rapidly. Some people were screaming and the stewardesses were falling down. From the cabin the co-pilot’s voice was heard to advise passengers to fasten their seat-belts and keep calm. Looking around, I notice some nuns taking out their rosaries and starting to say prayers. Their faces were as pale as death.

Though I was a hardened traveler and I got used to remaining calm, I felt quite frightened too. My heart was beating very fast and I was trembling with fear. I thought I was going to die. But my fear did not last long. After about 3 minutes, the pilot started the engine again. Everybody on board heaved a deep sigh of relief. We landed safely at last.

I had to cancel my return to Saigon by plane and took a sea voyage and from that time on I have never traveled by air when the weather is bad.

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