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Friday, June 13, 2008

Popular essays

Popular essays:

This is a list of essays that get more visits from search engines than the others. They are friendly to google search engine. We may consider them as friendly essays.

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29. "Money is the root of all evil". Give your opinion.

30. Talk about the importance of newspaper

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Essay topic: 1995 was eventful year. Describe one of the events you consider the most significant to you.

The year of 1995 ended but its memorable events still echo in all Vietnamese hearts.

In fact, we witnessed notable events in 1995: The Vietnamese official joining to ASEAN, the normalization of diplomatic relations between Vietnam and America, the promulgation of Civil laws and Sea Games 18.

But, in my view, the admittance of Vietnam to ASEAN was the most remarkable event. In 1995, the 28th of July opened a new page in the history of the Vietnamese people. Vietnam became the 7th member of ASEAN. The ceremony was organized solemnly in a large hall of the International Conventional Center in Bandar Seri Begawan, capital of Brunei.

This was a historical event of great importance to both ASEAN and South East Asia. In his speech, our Minister of Foreign Affairs, Mr Nguyen Manh Cam wrote: “This is a new factor pushing up the cooperation on the economy and trade in the area for the sake of the welfare of each nation and of entire South East Asia”.

In reply to Mr Nguyen Manh Cam’s speech, Prince Mohammed Bokia, Minister of Foreign Affairs of Brunei said: “We are really happy to welcome our new member because the presence of Vietnam is a special meaningful event to ASEAN. We hope that this event will create a favorable opportunity for the nations of South East Asia to turn to a brighter future”.

The fact that Vietnam joined ASEAN clearly justified the Vietnamese foreign policy: Vietnam wants to make friends with all nations in the world community for the sake of peace, independence and world development.

However, in my opinion, the present standard of development in Vietnam is still lower than that of other countries in the area. This fact urges Vietnam to raise its level of production and trade in order to keep up with the development level of other countries.

“Adversity brings wisdom”, we hope that we, Vietnamese people, with our assiduity and creativity in labor, will quickly attract foreign powers and enhance our internal ones to set up a unified, peaceful, independent and prosperous country in years to come.

Essay topic: What responsibility do societies have for the poor?

It is obvious that in our present society there are two different classes: the rich and the poor. This is the inevitable result of a long war torn country. The poor have to suffer a lot hardship and insufficiency. Therefore many organizations in our society are endeavoring to implement the following policies to relieve their sufferings.

For poor people still having labor power but having no capital, the government gives them priority to borrow capital at a low interest rate.

For old poor people lacking in labor power, the government mobilizes societies to help them and supply them with food, clothes and money.

For poor and homeless people, they are allowed to live in hired apartments and in case they cannot afford to pay rental, they can be exempt from any charges.

Homes for the aged were built in HCM city and in Thu Duc District to give them lodging and support in their old age.

On the occasion of big ceremonies such as: May Day, Independence Day, Christmas Day, New Year’s Day, many societies and organizations make collections to provide them with food, money and many other essentials.

Many business companies have volunteered to contribute money to Charity Funds for the poor.

Living in poverty all their life, the poor and the wretched will feel less distressed if their sufferings are shared by their compatriots. “A morsel when hungry is worth a parcel when full” The rich living in comforts should not remain indifferent to their fellowmen’s misfortunes.

We also wish that citizens, regardless of their class and function, would contribute something to the Relief Funds to relieve the sufferings of these unlucky people.
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