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Tuesday, August 11, 2009



Books cost a fortune and this means that not everybody can afford to buy many useful reference books. There are many people who crave for knowledge but are unable to satisfy their needs due to lack of money. Libraries can help solve this problem.

Libraries are important to people whether it is a developed or developing country. Well-maintained libraries in each town are gift to the people. It is very much a basic need for students ranging form the primary school children to the college students. The public too can make use of the library for a leisure reading and to gain more knowledge thereby making good use of their free time.

A well maintained library should have a wide selection of books. They should have books on almost all subjects such as science, literature, English, art, history, philosophy, engineering, medicine, technology, etc. In addition, newspaper, magazines and periodicals should be available. Hard cover story books, paperback novels, plays should also be available in abundance. They should be neatly arranged by sections and labeled easy access.

Singapore is a model country where everything is properly planned. Each town has its own library which is in turn controlled by the National Library of Singapore. In addition professional bodies and councils have their own libraries catering to their own need. The National Library of Singapore serves the people of all age groups. Ranging from children to senior citizens, separate facilities are provided. The current best sellers, periodicals, magazines from local and oversea publishers are also available in the National Library. Hence the people should make use of the library to gain more knowledge.

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