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Sunday, February 7, 2010

A person who bravely overcame his/her depression.

Write a story about a person who bravely overcame his/her depression.

1. Describe briefly Sumitra’s background.
2. Describe how Sumitra met with an accident and became a quadriplegic.
3. Describe how she met a person who inspired her to live her life bravely
4. Describe Sumitra’s Changed outlook and the subsequent changes in her life.

“I believe that I am just as good as a person with legs”, Sumitra told the bewildered spectators who were also handicapped. Sitting in her wheelchair, Sumitra commanded all their attention as she narrated how she had overcome her depression. Tall, slender and beautiful, Sumitra was the most promising athlete in our school. She had competed at several interschool races and had won many medals for long-distance races.

One fine morning, as she was jogging along the road, a car swerved round the kerb and knocked her down. Sumitra lay in a coma for eight days. When she regained consciousness, she had to undergo three major surgeries. Despite sessions of physiotherapy, she was not able to move her arms or legs an inch. She was paralyzed from her neck downwards. Sumitra was devastated.

For many weeks, Sumitra was in a state of severe depression. Her family visited her in the hospital every day and did all they could to console her. However, she continued to wallow in her misery and refused to talk to anyone.

One day, as the nurse was wheeling her round, Sumitra chanced upon a young man in a wheelchair. He held a paint brush in his mouth. At her request, the nurse took her nearer. The young man, Louis, too was a quadriplegic. Yet, he had mastered the art of drawing and painting with his mouth, and was at that moment, painting a most enchanting picture.

A friendly person, Louis hit it off with Sumitra instantaneously. He both intrigued and inspired her. He taught her how to write by holding a pen in her mouth. More importantly, he taught her the most important lesson of her life – she should not allow her handicap to take control of her and restrain her from enjoying life.

With renewed enthusiasm, Sumitra learnt to love life again. In fact, her bubbling interest in life helped to encourage other handicapped people who were feeling depressed. They liked to crowd round her and listen to her lively and cheerful talk.

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