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Monday, February 8, 2010


Write a story with the title: “Solidarity”

1. Describe how the students of Secondary 2C lacked the motivation to excel in anything.
2. Describe how their form teacher told them a story to inspire them to work together as a class.
3. Describe in detail how the class then worked together by forming various committees and working responsibly.
4. Describe the result of solidarity in the class.

Three classes were judged to be the top classes of the form. However, Secondary 2C was not on the list. Some of the students felt downcast. They felt that they would never be able to excel.

Mrs. Chen, their form teacher, however, had great faith in her students and felt that they only lacked motivation.

Just before beginning her lessons that day, Mrs. Chen told all her students how a single stick could be broken easily but when a number of them were bound together, it would be impossible to break the bundle of sticks. The students realized that the moral of the story was a guideline for them to put into practice.

As soon as class was over, the class chairman, Thomas, called for a class meeting. He divided the class of thirty-five students into seven equal groups and delegated each group with a special task. There were to be four academic committees, one discipline committee, one social affairs committee and last but not least, one counseling committee.

The academic committees were put in charge of one or two subjects each, and it was the members’ responsibility to collect relevant notes, question papers and model answers. The discipline committee’s duty was to enforce the policies agreed upon by the class as a whole. The members of the social affairs and counseling committees were to organize social activities, and to help those who were facing any personal or family problems, respectively. This plan for solidarity turned out to be a roaring success. The class felt great fervor and excitement in performing the tasks assigned to them. In the process, they interacted more with one another and got to know one another better.

By the time the final examinations were near, the class had a large collection of notes, ideas and model answers to rely upon. Most importantly, there was a strong bond of friendship which was charged with sincere interest for one another’s welfare. After the examinations, none of the Secondary 2C students was even interested in the results of the class evaluation. They knew, in their hearts, that they were winners.

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