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Friday, August 1, 2008

Family is a very good school

Anatole France said: “Family is a very good school”. Explain this sentence and comment on it.

School is the place where the pupils’ parents entrust the teachers with the education and training of their children. School is the place where useful citizens have been formed for society. However, a French writer said: “Family is a very good school”. By adducing concrete proofs, let’s find out the meaning of it and try to appreciate its value.

Family is a school. The role of the mother in the family is of utmost importance. She is both a mother and an educator. The child’s immaturity of mind has been deeply influenced by the mother’s lullabies and by the first lessons she has taught him since his childhood. Growing up beside his mother the child began to discover what was happening around him with his curious mind. So the mother must have a general knowledge in order that she can satisfy her child’s thirst for knowledge. From this point of view, family is the very base of the school education.

Family is a good school. Family does not teach the child subject as school does but the influences of family upon the child’s mind are undeniable. It is in family, not in school that the child can learn good habits and customs together with mutual love and support. These lessons are much more practical than the abstract and theoretical ones taught in school.

Therefore the above sentence offers us a valuable lesson about the importance of family to the education of children. It also justifies that the education which a child gets from his family is not less important than the knowledge he obtains at school. The above sentence is perfectly right in a country, which always pays close attention to the role of the family and regards family as a basic unit of society. But in the society where family is not considered as the foundation of society, this sentence has only a relative value.

To sum up, school helps us train specialists while family forms good citizens who are willing to devote their talents and minds to their country and their fatherland.

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