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Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Enjoy a visit to a zoo

Describe what you saw and enjoyed during a visit to a zoo

As one who loves animals, I once paid a visit to the zoo in Kuala Lumpur, one of the largest I have ever seen. I liked everything there so much that I shall never forget that visit.

I visited the zoo on a Sunday together with a few of my friends. After leaving our homes early in the morning we reached the zoo before noon. We then bought our tickets and entered the zoo.

The first thing that impressed me, as we entered the zoo, was its size and beauty. I could hardly believe that a zoo could be so large. In beauty too, it was one of the best places that I had ever seen. I saw many kinds of plants and flowers all around. I also saw some lakes in which ducks of various kinds were swimming. I then noted that the cages of the animals in this zoo are separated from one another, which makes one’s visit more interesting. After visiting one cage the visitor has to walk a short distance to reach the next cage. In this way one has to spend more time resting here and there to visit all the cages. Walking round the zoo therefore becomes more interesting.

My friends and I, however, visited the monkeys first. They were of various types from different parts of the world. They were all very active, though they had been confined to their cages for a long time. Then, we went to the places where the tigers and the lions were kept. These animals did not seem to be active like the monkeys. They were all lying down and looking at the visitors without any interest. I was a little surprised at their coolness.

After that we saw the other animals, reptiles and birds. Their variety was amazing. We were all deeply interested in their behavior and movements within their cages.

Then, alter spending several hours in the zoo, we went out and had a refreshing drink of coconut water. After drinking, we returned home, feeling very happy.
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