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Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Why people should go to university?

Why people should go to university?
People go to universities for a variety of reasons. Improving knowledge while learning in university is often believed the most important one. Consequently, they can apply the knowledge in their future jobs. Some attend primarily to establish new friendships in such an environment, or to spend their new lives far from home with the thought of being mature. On the contrast to those aforementioned, others can have opportunity to study what they are interested in. However, most cases agree that career preparation is the most driving force for students to enroll in a college or university.

First of all, one can acquire certain knowledge. In general, knowledge that a person gain can be used fairly well in this field while it can be unsuitable to apply in the other one. As a result, it is the knowledge only gained in a long-term trial in university which brings one a real confidence to choose a worthwhile job. Further more, bright ideas or great practical creativities a person comes up with are often related to what he or she has already mastered. With such ideas or creativities, work will be more fascinating and interesting. In other words, university is a good place for career preparation.

The next reason is seeking friendships. Undoubtedly, good friends who are at the same age and have the same hobbies can be easily found in campus. Let us consider the advantages of establishing a new friendship. Obviously, making friends in university can help one learn and live much harmoniously. Moreover, college friends may be long stayed even after university’s time. Friends from university can exchange knowledge and experience in the dealing problems while working. Some of those friends may be found as partners in business. Thus, friendship is career preparation.

Additionally, living away from home is also career preparation. This new environment is a hardship for some students to live. Meanwhile, it challenges others. Some find it as a valuable life experience and enjoy it. Whatever it is, a student must put himself or herself partly or totally on his or her own foot. Students become more and more responsible for their lives and for themselves. They start to penetrate how hard their parents work to meet their demands of lives. It is often seen that students earn money for their college tuition. Those away-from-home experiences assist them in getting used to dealing with problems in their lives or their future careers in particular.

Lastly, specialized knowledge on a certain field of study a person is most interested in plays a major role in one’s decision to attend a college or university. Nowadays it is essential for a key employee to have professional education and remarkable working skills. Therefore, students go to university to have specialized knowledge with a hope that in the future they can find an ideal job as their expectation.

In conclusion, although there are four typical example reasons why people should go to university, they lead to the only main one. That is career preparation which is what pushes a very large number of people around the world to attend colleges and universities.

Labels: People attend college or university for many different reasons (for example, new experiences , career preparation, increased knowledge) . why do you think people attend college or university ? Use specific reasons and examples to support your answer.