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Sunday, November 30, 2008

Has the ease of cooking improved people’s life?

Has the ease of cooking improved people’s life?
A decent meal has recently become easier to prepare. As a matter of fact, food can be made easily and quickly with fewer efforts. As a result, people can have much more time doing other things. It is my opinion that, the ease of cooking has improved human life.

First of all, fewer efforts are put and less time is spent to make a meal. In the past, people themselves had to make all the material for cooking. Let me make this clear by giving an example. Before people fried something, cooking oil had to be made from pig’s fat. It is now handy for oil is displayed with many brands in the supermarket. To add to convenience for housewives, supermarket serves half-done food, which has simplified the cooking activities. What they do is processing the prepared material to meet their eating taste. It is easily to find that cooking is not such a complicated thing to do as it used to.

Another reason where this change has improved people’s life is that people can have more plenty of time for other activities. Although cooking is an art, modern people who are so busy in their work do not want to spend much of their time on this activity. They like to make simple dish. There is a thought that many other things in life are more important than eating. Consequently, time spent on food preparation is considered a waste of time. In fact, people need more time to take care of their children and their families instead of stomaches. Since people do not have to spend so much time cooking as before, they can plan more other activities. For instance, business people have more time to design their arrangements. In general, people will have a greater opportunity to take care of their minds and hearts.

In short, with the two reasons mentioned, life has improved because of the ease of cooking. This ease has made it easier for people to enjoy a wonderful dinner at home and to pursue their interests.

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