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Thursday, November 27, 2008

Are parents best teachers?

Are parents best teachers?

It is not persuasive to state that parents are best teachers. In fact, most of them are not specialized in teaching. However, after considering different angles, one soon perceives and admits it. Parents help children to learn basic things. They teach their children to become a good person. They spiritually and/or materially guide children surmount difficulties.

Firstly, people learn basic things from parents. It is parents who hold children’s hands to keep them stand. After children can stand stiffly, they are led to walk some steps with hands being hold. Even the first word babbled out is an imitation of parents. Admittedly, children are always curious about anything surrounding them. Parents tenderly explain them from most simple things. Parents are patient teacher to meet all silly questions from children.

Secondly, parents teach children the way to become a good person. Every parent reminds children of saying thank you when they receive a candy from elders. It is common that a parent is explaining that boy is a bad child or that another is a good one. This gives children an evaluation their friends. As a result, children have good friends to play with. Children are shown how to have good behaviors with others.

Last but not least, parents help children surmount their difficulties. Parents are ones who love us most and always take care of us. There is no doubt that parents easily and quickly find we are in poor state although we are not a child at all. Love of parents for their children is too deep for them to feel unrelieved. Every parent wishes happiness to their children. For this reason, they are always ready to be with their children to help them to overcome hardship by their strong love and even by all their fortunes.

In summary, with the three hereinbefore reasons, parents are considered best teachers who are always with children whenever children are in need. They share everything they have experienced to their beloved sons and daughters. Because of parents’ great love, it is said that there is no place like home.

Another topic: Do you agree or dis agree with the following statement, "parents are the best teachers". Use specific reasons and examples support your answer .

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