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Friday, May 30, 2008

The days in hospital

Talk about your days in hospital

I had always dreaded the thought of being admitted to hospital. The peculiar smell of the hospital, the sight of deformed and critically ill persons and dead bodies in the hospital are things that I had always wished to avoid. But a serious illness sometime ago necessitated my admission to the General Hospital in Malacca.

Though I was seriously ill and required special attention, yet the knowledge that I was in the hospital made me feel miserable during the first few days. The clothes that I had to wear in the hospital were uncomfortable and the food was tasteless. At night, when all the patients were asleep, I used to wake up and think of what might happen if the dead bodies in the mortuary near by came back to life. I also thought of the patients who might die at anytime. Sometimes I thought that I myself might not wake up from my sleep; that I might have to leave my dear parents, brothers and sisters and never return. Tears would then flow from my eyes.

From my fourth day, however, my spirits were high. The doctors and nurses assured me that I would recover completely in a few days and that I could move about in the hospital as I wished.

I now began to think of the good work that was being done in the hospital to reduce pain and suffering. Hundreds of sick people were coming to the hospital, many with serious injuries caused by various kinds of accidents, with the last hope of survival. And while many were dying, many more were returning home with smiles on their faces. Working every minute and sacrificing their own pleasures and pastimes, the doctors, nurses, hospital assistants and all the other staffs were making their efforts to save other lives. Their humanity impressed me deeply. I now realized what an important role the hospitals were playing in our daily life, and the disgust that I felt on the first few days was gone.

After being in the hospital for a week, I returned home with better knowledge of human misery and sacrifice.

Essay topic: A visit to a hospital

The outline:
The beginning
What kind of place it is
What we can learn about it
The work that is done here
The end

A visit to a hospital is not always pleasant. Yet, it teaches us a lot about the pain and suffering of men everywhere.

A hospital always gives out an unpleasant smell which visitors dislike. This smell is caused by many things. The patients in the hospital suffer from all kinds of diseases. Some of the diseases destroy the flesh and other parts of the body. They have to be treated with all kinds of medicine. Each medicine has its own smell. Again, some kinds of medicine have to be used to keep the hospital clean and to prevent diseases from spreading. All these things make the hospital very smelly indeed.

However, from a visit to a hospital we can learn a lot about how doctors and nurses work to bring comfort and happiness to thousands of people, young and old. Many people come to the hospital in poor state. After being cured, they do return home, completely well with smile on their faces. Yet, few of them show how grateful they are to doctors, nurses and others who have helped them to become well again. The helpers continue to work for the happiness of their patients.

Visiting a hospital is therefore very interesting, if a visitor spend time looking at all the work that is done here to save human lives and to make people happy.

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