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Sunday, May 25, 2008

The things you like most

Talk about the things you like most.

There are so many things around us that one finds it hard to have a special preference for a few particular things. I, however, take a special interest in motor-car and television.

Motor-cars have always fascinated me. Since my childhood I have been traveling in motor-cars, and I have visited hundreds of places in this country. I have been to remote villages and almost all the towns, large and small. Travel has broadened my outlook on life. I have met various types of people, and my knowledge of the people and places of this country has increased greatly. If I am at home or if I am walking along a road, I feel the urge to travel as soon as I see a car.

It is because of motor-cars that I am able to do various types of work. In the morning I go to my school, a long distance away, in my father’s car. After school I go to my father’s plantation to help him in his work. Then I visit one of my classmates and discuss our school work. Sometimes I visit the cinema, miles away. If there were no motor-cars, I would not have seen so much. Even in this small country, I would perhaps not have been able even to attend school.

The next thing that I like is television. Television helps us to watch and listen some of the famous leaders of the world. We are also able to see some of the great events of the day. In addition, we can get news from all parts of the world, and listen to songs and music. Sometimes there are special programs which are very amusing. The television programs become more interesting on a rainy day. We can then sit in the comfort of our home and watch the television program. Even if we cannot read the newspaper for some reason, television keeps us well informed about the latest developments in the world. In this respect, television is better than the radio because the pictures and incidents shown on television convey a better impression than only the spoken words of the radio.

I shall therefore always have a special preference for the motor-car and television.

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