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Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Talk about a cable-car ride.

Talk about a cable-car ride.

A ride in the cable-car is one of the most exciting and enjoyable experiences one can have. The cable-car is really a carriage which hangs from a strong steel cable suspended in the air. It moves along the cable with other cars on pulleys, the wheels of which are turned by electric motors. The cars are painted in eye catching colors and spaced at regular intervals. Each car can take up to six person. After the passengers have entered a car, they are locked in from outside by an attendant. They have no control over the movement of the car.

Before long, the passengers get a breath-taking view, through the glass windows, of the modern city of Singapore, the bustling harbor, and the several islands off the coast.

In contrast to the fast moving traffic on the ground, the cars in the air move in a leisurely manner, allowing passengers more than enough time to take in the scenery during the brief trip to the island of Sentosa. The return journey is no less exciting than the outward trip.
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