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Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Importance of Geography

Express your opinion on the importance of studying Geography.

Geography is a fascinating subject. It reveals all the wonderful changes and activities that have been going on in the world since the beginning of time.

By reading geography we learn not only about our own country but also about countries beyond the seas. We also learn about the mountains, oceans, islands, lakes, volcanoes, the winds and a number of other interesting things about the world and the universe.

Among the important things that we learn in Geography are the infinite varieties of creatures, plants, birds and land features that exist in the world. We know that there are millions of creatures, small and large, of various kinds in all parts of the earth. We also know that many of the early creatures have now become extinct, while many of them have changed from their original forms. Reading about all these is indeed very interesting.

We also learn about the various types of plants and birds that exist throughout the world. The plants and birds in the cold lands are not the same as those in warmer lands. In the same way, the land forms in the cold regions are different from those in other regions. In the equatorial regions, for example, plant and animal life is luxuriant, while in the poles the land is covered with snow, and animal and plant life is less abundant. In equatorial regions abundant rain has produced large rivers and lakes, while in areas where little rain falls there are large deserts without many rivers and lakes.

As the climate and vegetation of one place are not the same as those of another, the habits and activities of the people of different regions are also different. Even their religious convictions and languages are different from those of other parts of the world.

Thus, Geography is a very important subject, and because of its width and variety it is one of the most interesting subjects to read.

Studies of Geography can make a great contribution to the service of man
Importance of Geography

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