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Thursday, February 5, 2009

The day I was late for school

The day I was late for school

It was well past midnight but I was still up watching the World Cup Soccer Finals. My mother was away on a tour, so I was free to stay up as late as I liked.

The next morning, even the two alarm clocks ringing loudly did not wake me up! I finally woke up from a nightmare in which my favorite football team was defeated. It was already eight in the morning! I jumped out of bed and quickly washed my face. Then slipping into my school uniform, I ran out of the flat.

I ran to school as fast as my legs could carry me. In my haste, I tripped and fell, bruising my knees. Finally I reached school. Before I could catch my breath to greet my teacher, she asked me, “Who won the World Cup – Germany or Argentina?” The whole class roared with laughter. Quickly, I apologized for being late and added, “Germany won.”

I was not allowed to sit for the class test because I was too late. I felt ashamed of myself and resolved never to stay up so late again.

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