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Tuesday, February 3, 2009

When I am kidnapped...

Talk about a kidnap.

One evening, I was alone at home, when a smartly dressed couple knocked on my door. The woman smiled and asked me if she could see my parents. I told her that they had gone out but would be back soon. I invited them into the house.

I was surprised when they suddenly grabbed me. They tied up my hands, gagged my mouth and blindfolded me. I was huddled into a car and driven off to an unknown destination. I was too frightened to do anything. After driving for about two hours the car came to a stop. They dragged me out of the car and pushed me into a corner. When my blindfold was removed, I found myself in a dark hut. I slowly moved towards the locked door and I heard them saying that they were going to ask a ransom of $20,000 from my father in exchange for my return. When I heard this, I was very frightened.

Finally I decided that I had to escape from these kidnappers. I looked around the dark room. There was no means of escape except for a small window, which was locked. I waited till the kidnappers had fallen asleep before I tried to open the window. I managed to prize open the window with my penknife, which I carried in my pocket. Quietly I slipped out of the house and ran as fast as my legs could carry me. Since it was very dark, I stumbled and fell a couple times. Finally I reached the main road. I saw a car approaching. I waved and stopped the car. I told the driver what had happened. He took me to the nearest police station, and made a report. Then I led the police to the place where I was held captive earlier. The kidnappers were arrested.

My parents were happy to see me safe and sound. The police officer praised me for my courageous deed.

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