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Tuesday, February 3, 2009

A burglary I witnessed

Talk about a burglary you witnessed

It was a peaceful afternoon. I was doing my homework in my room when I heard a strange grinding noise coming from next door.

Out of curiosity, I looked out of my window. I was shocked to see my neighbor’s metal gate lying on the ground and the door ajar. As no one else was at home, I called up my father at his office. He told me to stay at home and wait for him to come back. I went back to the window and peeped out. After a while, a burly man came out of my neighbor’s house with a big bag and quickly ran away.

Just then, my father came back with four policemen. I told them what I had seen. Immediately, two of the policemen went after the burglar. The rest of us went into the neighbor’s house. The whole place had been ransacked. Drawers were lying all over the place and the bedrooms were in a real mess. My neighbor happened to come back at that time and she was most distressed to find her house broken into.

The next morning, I saw the following headline in the newspaper: “Boy helps police catch burglar”. I felt really proud of myself.
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