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Thursday, February 5, 2009

An air accident

An air accident

The air hostess announced that all passengers should fasten their seat belts and hold on firmly to their chairs. She tried her best to assure us that everything would be all right. However, her efforts at calming the panic-stricken passengers were in vain.

The passengers had themselves seen the sudden appearance of dark clouds and heard the sound of heavy rain pattering ferociously on the aircraft so much so that children and women were harshly thrown from side to side.

The aircraft was then zooming down almost perpendicular to the ground. Eerie, hysterical cries could be heard from almost every corner of the aircraft. The lights suddenly went off and the aircraft spinned rapidly. Then, there was a tremendous explosion that put a sudden end to the cries of woe. The aircraft had crashed in a deep valley between two block mountains.

I woke up near a tree and was rudely reminded of the tragic happening by the terrible sight of blood and badly disfigured, hardly recognizable bodies. There was not even the slightest sign of life. The wreckage extended over a large area, the sight of which made me feel sick. I was tortured by hunger, thirst and fear of death. I managed to carry myself up and walk laboriously with my sore feet. The walk seemed to be endless and I was then dizzy with exhaustion.

The sight of a small village on the hillslope made me rub my eyes in disbelieve. I saw a woman fetching water from the well and I quickened my steps towards her. Before I even reached her, I fell down unconscious. When I woke up, I found myself lying here, on this very bed.
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