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Thursday, February 5, 2009

Class duty

Class duty

Today, I went to school earlier than usual. When I stepped into the classroom, my two classmates, Jason and Xiaoqiang, were already there. The other classmates had not come in yet and this was the best time for us to do our class duty.

We divided our workload accordingly. I was put in charge of sweeping the floor. I took down the chairs and arranged the tables. Meanwhile, Jason and Xiaoqiang dusted the top of the cupboards with feather-dusters. They also used damp rags to wipe the windows and the blackboard. After we had completed our jobs, the classroom looked spick and span.

Besides the morning cleaning, the three of us also had to run errands for our teachers that day. We took turns to carry books for them. In between classes, we also made sure that the blackboard was clean before the next teacher came in.

At the end of the day, our form teacher praised us for doing a good job. We were very proud of ourselves. We felt that it was worth the effort to wake up a little earlier to do our part for the class.
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