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Thursday, July 24, 2008

Describe a bridge you know well

Describe a bridge you know well

Whoever has been to Hue ancient city will always admire the gracefulness of Trang Tien Bridge.

Built a long time ago, Trang Tien Bridge was made of steel and concrete and supported by huge underwater columns which extend to a depth of over 150 meters under the water. It is composed of 12 spans joining the left bank to the right bank of the Perfume River. From far away it looks like white arches emerging from the blue skyline.

On bright moonlit nights, standing on the bridge you can see myrisds of vacillating stars reflecting on the clear and blue waters. How cool and relaxed you feel at that time! The light evening breeze rising from the river caresses your skin and fills your lungs with soft fragrance. All around you are coolness and quietness. In the stillness of the long night you can hear the little waves lapping against the sampans gliding gently below. Now and again a sweet melodious chant rises from somewhere and then gradually vanishes in the quiet atmosphere.

During the day, however, the sceneries are livelier. Cars, motorbikes and bicycles are streaming towards the other side of the river. Groups of schoolgirls, dressed in white, with conical palm hats on their heads are gracefully walking over the bridge to their Dong Khanh School, talking and laughing merrily. The flaps of their white traditional dress or ao dai are fluttering in the fresh morning breeze just like butterflies’ wings.

Tourist will foster sweet recollections of this famous bridge forever once they have visited this Old Capital City.