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Friday, July 4, 2008

The cause of obesity

What is the cause of obesity? Discuss

The most obvious cause of obesity is overeating. But why do people overeat? One reason is emotional problems. For example, consider the case of Mary. When Mary was a child, her parents rewarded her good behavior with candy and other sweet things. As she grew older, she began to reward herself quite regularly. As a result, she began to gain weight. By the time she was a teenager, Mary had become rather heavy. Her weight then became a target for the other young people at school. They teased unmercifully, as youngsters will do. She was teased so much that she started feeling sorry for herself and consoled herself by eating more and more. She gained more weight, and the vicious circle continued until her self-image was so bad that she could not really perceive herself as anything but fat. Therefore, diets were unsuccessful because she would inevitably get depressed during or after a diet and go on an eating binge to soothe her feelings.
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