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Tuesday, June 17, 2008

My best friend

My best friend

The outline:
1. Who? His name, race, etc.
2. His habits, abilities, etc.
3. Why I like him
4. the end

I have many friends of several races. But my best friend is a Chinese boy whose name is Ah Chong.

Ah Chong’s father is a carpenter. His mother looks after their small shop. They are very hard-working people. They are also very kind to me.

We are in the same class. He sometimes helps me in my lessons. I too sometimes help him to understand and learn a few difficult lessons.

After school, Ah Chong and I play some games. Sometimes we go out to catch some fish or birds which we really enjoy catching. We often return home very late after our hunting trips and our parents scold us severely. But Ah Chong and I are so interested in this kind of hunting that we cannot give it up.

Indeed, I enjoy Ah Chong’s company very much.

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