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Friday, July 4, 2008

Man would reach a greater height if he had more depth

“Many of man would reach a greater height if he had more depth”. Discuss the view.

To understand the meaning of height and depth we have to study them separately. Let us take the question of depth first and see what it consists of. The depth here refers to the depth in faculties. Physical faculties are just as desirable as mental faculties. Mental faculties consist of intelligence and intellectual abilities. While these faculties are naturally found in some, they can be nurtured in many.

In the nurturing process of man, education plays an important part. Education is exactly drawing the best out of one. Good education provides opportunities for developing one’s intellectual faculties. The more one learns from his teachers and books the more one becomes intellectual. The quick grasp, the ability to digest and the capacity to integrate the new with the old are the intellectual faculties. Newton saw the apple falling just like anybody would have done but his enquiring mind did not stop there. In this he could find and answer why the planets and other orbs are kept in position and so he gave the law of gravitation. With the growth of an enquiring faculty, depth in knowledge grows.

Knowledge must be applied and that is intelligence. This faculty is in born but surely it can be developed. Without intelligence mere intellect would be like a body without life. One should learn from examples and to act intelligently. It requires quick perception and decision. Only those who could decide and act can become leaders. If such decision is for the good of many, then such leaders come great indeed. Great decisions have changed the course of history.

Knowledge of men, material and manners, knowledge of the working of mind and knowledge of how one would react under certain circumstances are some areas where one must have competency to become great. We may add the depth of understanding. This makes one human. With understanding one can avoid conflicts and one is able to resolve difficulties. This human element is very often found in great people.

Now we shall discuss what height is. The height here however does not refer to physical height. It is the height of glory, fame and name that is meant here. The way to such eminence is not paved with soft, well ordered stones. The path is hard and one will have to work to reach that height. If one has the many faculties mentioned above and applies them in the right place at the right moment, one can reach the height. Some having the depth do not reach the height because they fail to take the tide. There is a tide in the affairs of men which taken at its height which will take him to eminence; failing which he will be lolling in the trough of despondency. Dash and drive are needed to reach the height.

So with proper development of one’s intelligence and intellectual faculties one could hope to reach great heights.
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