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Thursday, January 3, 2008

Dictionary and Translation

This website is a very great site for us who are learning Vietnamese and English. You can check many dictionaries such as:
* Vietnamese-English dictionary
* English-Vietnamese dictionary
* Vietnamese-French dictionary
* French-Vietnamese dictionary
* Vietnamese dictionary (Vietnamese to Vietnamese)
* English-English dictionary (Wordnet)
* Free Online Dictionary Of Computing (FOLDOC)
* Chinese Vietnamese dictionary

Besides, it also can help us to translate text from Vietnamese into English and vice versa. You simply input text to the text area on the web and click "Translate" button. The web will automatically translate for you.

Try translating here:

I have tried doing that and feel that it can help those who are not good enough to understand meanings of texts. In fact, it can help you to understand the general meaning. But it can not give you the right translation. Don't depend much on it.

Anyway, I think it help you understand a long text in a short time. You can do that if you are not good at translating and don't have enough time to translate. I think it help a lot.

Describe house
Advantages and disadvantages of money
Qualities of a good judge
Advantages of cinema
Describe my best friend
Difficulties in learning English
A frightening experience
The country i would like to visit
Viết luận tiếng anh theo chủ đề
Health or wealth-which is important
Importance of water to living things
Bai luan tieng anh
Bài luận tiếng anh

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