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Saturday, March 22, 2008

Should teachers give pupils much homework? Discuss.

Should teachers give pupils too much homework? Discuss.

Many people now think that teachers give pupils too much homework. They say that it is unnecessary for children to work at home in their free time. Moreover, they argue that most teachers do not properly plan the homework tasks they give to pupils. The result is that pupils have to repeat tasks which they have already done at school.

Recently many parents complained about the difficult homework which teachers gave to their children. The parents said that most of the homework was a waste of time, and they wanted to stop it. Spain and Turkey are two countries which stopped homework recently. In Denmark, West Germany and several other countries in Europe, teachers cannot set homework at weekends. In Holland, teachers allow pupils to stay at school to do their homework. The children are free to help one another. Similar arrangements also exist in some British schools.

Most people agree that homework is unfair. A pupil who can do his homework in a quiet and comfortable room is in a much better position than a pupil who does his homework in a small, noisy room with the television on. Some parents help their children with their homework. Other parents take no interest at all in their children’s homework.

It is important, however, that teachers talk to parents about homework. A teacher suggests suitable tasks for parents to do with their children. Parents are often better at teaching their own children.

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1 comment:

  1. As a teacher I know the benefit of home work, In the class, one teacher cannot pay attention to individual students in the limited time. When children go home their parents can give time individually.
    Second thing home work is actually the repetition of what a child study in the class which is good for children to remember.
    On the other side I suggest teachers that do not give home work on week ends which is re-charging time for students.