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Thursday, January 3, 2008

Download listening files for English

In other to listen to English well, we must, as you know, listen much. But how can we listen to improve your english better in a shorter time?

We suggest we should listen to English while reading its transcript. Do not quite often listen without looking at transcript. It will waste much of your time.

For example, you live in a Chinese town, you listen to people speaking together in Chinese everyday and you don't ever have books or have someone help you to understand, then you will never understand. So you need a transcript while listening. That's what we try to tell you.

Another thing is that you should choose to a text or a conversation suitable with your listening level. And try to understand the conversation as clearly as you can.

Listen to the whole text and the whole conversation. Don't pause and backwards so much. It does not help so much as you think. If you can not understand you can listen to that whole text or conversation again. Don't pause or play forwards or backwards just to listen a certain word or phrase.

According to, there are six skill levels for listening. You should go there and download the files and the transcripts to try listening as we have just told. we think it will help.

You will pay fee to download at

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