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Thursday, June 19, 2008

The country I would like to visit

The country I would like to visit

The outline:
1. The beginning
2. Name of country
3. Why I like to visit
4. Description of the country
5. The end

I have heard and read a lot about the beautiful countries in the world. However, the country I would like to visit is the United States of America.

From my geography books I know that the United States is a very big country. Here, there are people from all countries of the world. Europeans, Africans, Asians and others live together in peace and happiness, like the people of Singapore and Malaysia. It would indeed be a pleasure to meet so many races of people in one country.

The buildings in the United States are among the largest in the world. The roads too are the best in the world. Traveling in this country is therefore very easy. There are fast-running cars, trains and other means of transport.

Again, the scenery is different in different parts of the country. In some places there are high mountains. In some places there are lowlands for miles together. And in other parts, there are deserts.

Thus, traveling in this big country would be really very interesting. I should therefore welcome any opportunity to visit this country.

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