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Friday, June 20, 2008

Frightened by a snake on my body

Frightened by a snake on my body (A frightening experience)

Notes: Tired after game – Rested under tree – Closed eyes – fell asleep – sudden movement on body – Opened eyes – Surprised – Snake crawling across body – Held breath – Did not disturb it – Snake gone – Relieved.

After a game of football, one afternoon, I felt very tired and sat under a tree for a short rest.

I leaned myself against the tree and closed my eyes. Within minutes, I fell asleep.

I had not slept long when I felt a sudden movement on my body. I opened my eyes slowly to see what it was. To my surprise and horror, I saw a large snake crawling across my body.

I did not lose my wits. I knew what I had to do in such a situation. It would certainly be an act of stupidity to disturb the snake. I therefore remained still, holding my breath as long as I could and allowed the creature to crawl across my body.

Shortly, the snake was gone and I felt greatly relieved. No longer do I sleep or rest under a tree.

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