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Tuesday, April 8, 2008

What is flight booking like?

What is flight booking like?

Photo: Woman Booking Flight on Computer
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When you want to book a flight to a certain place, visit your nearest travel agent. Tell the travel agent the date when you want to travel and the destination to which you want to go. The travel agent will then type this information into a small computer. After checking everything on the computer screen, he or she will send this information for central computer. This central computer contains all information about bookings and destinations, and sends a reply showing which the most suitable flights are. It also shows whether the flights are fully booked or not. The information which is now shown, on the small computer screen is continually changing as other booking are made in other parts of the world.

The travel agent now types in your booking. Then the computer will ask for your name and address as well as for certain other information. It will also ask how you will pay for your ticket (by cheque or by credit card). Next, the computer confirms the booking and makes a request for payment. When you have paid for your ticket, the travel agent types this information into the computer as well. Finally, some computers print out a ticket before you leave the travel agent.

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