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Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Interesting places in your country

Describe some of the interesting places in your country

Though my country is small, yet there are many places of interest spread throughout the country.

In the southern most part of the country, where the state of Johore lies, there are some very interesting and beautiful places. In Kota Tinggi, for example, there are beautiful waterfalls which are visited by many people everyday. Then, there is Johore Lama, a place of great historical interest. In Johore Bahru, there is a beautiful beach which is visited daily by several people who love the sea. In Batu Pahat, another town in Johore, is Minyak Buku, an interesting place on the coast.

As we go towards the north, we arrive at Malacca, the oldest town that the Europeans occupied in Malaya in the past. The influences of the Portuguese and the Dutch can still be seen in many of the buildings there.

Further north lies Port Dickson which is well known for its beautiful beaches.

In Kuala Lumpur, the capital of Malaysia, there are many places of interest such as Batu Caves, the zoo and the museum. The city itself is an interesting place to visit.

Another beautiful town is Penang, situated on an island. The sea around it makes it the most beautiful town in the country.

Finally, the paddy fields in the northern most parts of the country are also very beautiful and interesting to look at. On the east coast of the country too, there are some beautiful towns such as Kuantan and Kuala Trenganu. All these places have indeed made my country an interesting place to live in.

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