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Friday, March 28, 2008

An apartment or a college dormitory

Living in an apartment instead of a college dormitory gain advantages and disadvantages. Discuss some of the advantages and disadvantages of apartment living and five your opinion.

When a person decides to enter a college away from home, he or she must also consider living accommodations. Although most colleges offer student dormitories, students frequently opt to live in an apartment. While there are many advantages to apartment living, there are also many disadvantages. Before a student decides to live in an apartment, all the aspects of that kind of accommodation should be reviewed.

Living in an apartment has many advantages. First, students can choose to live in a quiet neighborhood. A quiet neighborhood is conductive to studying. Away from the distractions of campus life, students can be more serious about their study. Second, apartment life allows students to be more independent. For example, they can cook whatever they want to eat and have their meals whenever they want them. Third, students can often find apartments that are cheaper than the fee for room board in dormitory.

However, living in an apartment also has disadvantages. Being away from campus life can make students feel isolated. Another disadvantage is that apartments close to campus are usually expensive, and those farther away are not within walking distance therefore, transportation must be considered. Finally, students who live in apartments must cook their own meals, shop for food, perhaps carry their laundry to a Laundromat, and clean their entire apartment - not just their room.

Even though there are many advantages to apartment living, I would prefer to live in the university dormitory for the following reasons. First, I will be new at the college and meeting people will be easier in a dormitory setting. Second, I will not have to about purchasing and cooking food or cleaning up afterwards. Consequently, I will have more time for studies. Finally, I will be within walking distance of my classes and college library. In conclusion, living on campus is more advantageous for me than living in an apartment.

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