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Saturday, July 26, 2008

Describe a visit to an interesting exhibition

Describe a visit to an interesting exhibition

Last week an exhibition of paintings by famous artists was organized by the cultural and Artistic Association at The Art Gallery on Nguyen Hue street. Being very fond of paintings, I myself went there early in the morning.

When I arrived, the Art Gallery had been packed with people. Groups by groups of people were entering the exhibition halls, their faces were radiant with joy.

On the walls, different patterns of modern paintings were hung: charcoal drawings, pencil drawings and oil paintings were on display. Most of them reflect daily activities and some of them bring us into a world of imagination and dreams. As I strolled through the exhibition halls, I heard the voices of lecturers who were telling the visitors about the artists and their works.

An oil painting by Lu Tong Dao, one of the most famous artists in HCM city, portraying a scene at twilight in the country attracted my attention best: on a long and lonely road, a buffalo tender, sitting astride on his animal, is leisurely playing a flute on his way home. Gorgeous glows of the twilight are spreading on the golden rice fields, turning them into yellow velvet carpets. From afar, in the blue sky, a flock of storks are stretching their white wings, gently flying towards their warm nests. The painting did remind me of my happy boyhood in my native village where I lived my happiest days in my life.

Being rather tired after hours of walking I sat down on a bench and talked to others about the exhibition. The exhibition offered me precious minutes of relaxation and enriched my imagination. It brought me back into my happy and peaceful past, full of love and tenderness, among my dear ones. Before leaving the exhibition halls, I bought the postcards of my favorite paintings to keep as souvenirs or to send to friends abroad.