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Wednesday, July 2, 2008

What you hope to achieve in adult life?

Talk about what you hope to achieve in adult life.

It is worthwhile and proper that one should plan for one’s future early. Everyone is given with certain talents and one should make full use of them for the future welfare and happiness. Some people desire to make money; some want to make a name and some would like to be useful to society. I have decided to become a social worker to serve the poor, the suffering and the needy.

The idea of becoming a social worker has not come to me all of a sudden. In a way it has been the result of reading the lives of great men and women who dedicated their lives to the service to the suffering. From Gautama the Buddha to Mother Therasa I have studied something about their lives and how they suffered and worked for others. Gautama the prince became the Buddha after seeing the sufferings of his people. Then there is Mother Therasa who got the coveted Nobel Prize for peace for her service to the sick, the suffering and the dying in the streets of Calcutta. The more I read about them the more I thought of them. As a result, I was interested in becoming a social worker. After all what is the point of being a human if one cannot serve his fellow beings. True, good people for the dedication are rare; but there is nothing wrong in a person trying to become one.

To do this is not easy at all. One must be prepared and get mentally the necessary training for it. As the saying goes “charity begins at home”, I started helping my people at home in every possible way. I have helped mother in the kitchen, my father in polishing his shoes; I have washed and ironed the family clothes. I also started helping my neighbors by running errands for them. I began loving the old people, visiting the slum areas and talking to people about their difficulties. I once went around collecting my old clothes and distributing them to the poor.

It was not exactly what I did but how I reacted. I can be ready to serve once I have erased the selfishness inside. It have been recognized that, as a social worker I am not on the look out for any personal gain. Whatever I do, it must come from the need of someone.

To become a social worker, I have studied some books on sociology. Theory is not enough; therefore, I have got in with several societies doing social work, for example the Red Cross Society doing both in peace and war.

There are of course difficulties on the way. My parents never approve because the career as a social worker did not bring any money or fame. Life itself may be hard. Until one’s work is recognized, one may not be regarded as genuine and is appreciated. Even friends may scoff at the notion and even the society itself may be suspicious till one’s bona fides are proved.

However, after taking all these into consideration, I have made up my mind to become a social worker.
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