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Saturday, April 5, 2008

The habit of smoking cigarettes

Talk about the habit of smoking cigarettes

Smoking cigarettes is really an expensive habit. The average price per pack of cigarettes, for example, is just about one dollar, people who smoke two packs of cigarettes a day therefore spend $2 per day on their habit. At the end of one year these smokers incur a debt. Since cigarette smoking has an offensive odor that permeates clothing stuffed furniture and carpets, smokers often find that they must have these items cleaned more frequently than nonsmokers do. Further more, a smoker would pay a large sum of money for some diseases coming from smoking. Although it is difficult to sum the cost of these additional expenses, we can say that the expenses do contribute to making smoking become an expensive habit.

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1 comment:


    It's a luck that I am not an addicted smoker.

    Smokers! I think this is your very near future. Click here to see the future.

    Don't be upset! I just say to make fun to everybody. But be careful with cigarettes.