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Saturday, July 26, 2008

The reasons for your study of English and the ways you have been learning it

The reasons for your study of English and the ways you have been learning it

It cannot be denied that today English is the most widely used language in the world. It has been used in all spheres of public activity. Because of its importance I have chosen English as the second language after my mother tongue.

In fact, English has become the international language. If I master this language I can go to any continent in the world: Asia, Europe, Africa, America and Australia. Everywhere people speak English. Because of its popularity, innumerable books have been written in English; so one of my ways of improving my English is to read books on a variety of subjects: science, sociology, anthropology, geology, entomology, political science and so on. If I read books on one or two subjects only my vocabulary will not increase fast enough. Therefore I try my best to accumulate as many vocabularies as possible by reading about different subjects because each subject has its own vocabularies. The more subjects I read in English the more words I can acquire to express my ideas and thoughts with great ease and satisfaction.

I have dreamed of becoming a tourist guide one day. In order to realize this hope I should read more books on traveling and learn more vocabulary on different aspects. Standing before one of my historical vestiges, how can I tell my tourists about the history of my country and the courageous struggles of my people during the period of founding the nation and defending it against foreign invaders if I am not able to obtain any knowledge, any words on this domain?

After French, English is a living language because of its vitality and lucidity. Thanks to these characteristics, English has been used in all important meetings and conferences or in summit talks between leaders of powerful countries. To acquire correct and fluent English I should learn the basic rules of English Grammar and practice speaking English regularly with my friends and my teachers. “Practice makes perfect”. I should frequently listen to native English speakers through videos, television and radio. Whenever I find a new word whose pronunciation I do not know I should look it up in the “Every man’s English Pronouncing Dictionary” by Daniel Jones, a very precious dictionary for English beginners.

Being aware of the preeminence of the English language in every aspect of man’s activity, I have been learning it with great zeal and avidity.

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