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Saturday, April 5, 2008

Hobbies of your close friends

Talk about the hobbies of your two close friends.

I have two close friends, Tom and Peter. They are twins but they are very different in their hobbies.

Tom likes to read true stories and books on real life. He likes to watch the news, late movies and special programs on weekends. He does not like to play any outdoor sports, event though he does not miss a single minute of sports news on television. Instead, he prefers indoor games such as ping pong and some other electronic games. In contrast to Tom, Peter likes to read science fiction stories and mystery ones. He enjoys making battle-ships, carriers and freighters in cardboard. In addition, he likes to design things. Whereas Tom likes to play indoor games, Peter likes to play football and swimming.

I guess that you could say Tom is more of an intellectual and realistic, whereas Peter is more adventurous.

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