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Tuesday, June 3, 2008


School category:
* Do you think that homework should be abolished? Discuss its value.
* Should teachers give pupils too much homework? Discuss.

* Talk about the subject you consider most important

* What subject you like best in school?

* Describe the first day of your school
* The first day at school probably had been much impressed on your life.
* Give an account of the end of the term.

* Examination day often makes many pupils worry. Do you agree?

* School life is the most difficult time but it also keeps many joys for us. Do you agree?

* Describe your schoolmates and whom do you like best.
* Talk about your experiences as a school prefect.

* What do you think of the use and abuse of private tuition?

* What do you think of the important role of the teaching of crafts in the school?

* What makes an ideal teacher: Give your opinion.
* Talk about your teacher of English

* Write about the kind of work which you hope to do when you leave the school.
* Today there is some changes in the educational system. In your opinion, how should we change to raise the quality teaching?

* Suppose you could go to school where you wanted to. Which school would you choose and why?

* Living in an apartment instead of a college dormitory gain advantages and disadvantages. Discuss some of the advantages and disadvantages of apartment living and five your opinion.
* For students, purchasing or renting a home? Give your opinion.

* Nowaday, everybody is very fond of learning a foreign language. However, sucessful men are seldom. In your opinion, what is the basic factor?

* From what you have learned about English civilization, write an essay on England and the English (the land, its history, tradition and people)
* In your opinion, what is the most difficult skill of studying English

* The kind of books we should read. Give your opinion.
* Today, there are many books to read. What do you think of the choice of books?

* Talk about the value of libraries.
* Talk about the habit of reading in some students

* What career would you like to choose after leaving school? (Teacher)

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