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Sunday, March 29, 2009

How do you relax when you are tired, nervous or angry?

How do you relax when you are tired, nervous or angry?

To let off steam is the best thing a person can do when he is tired, nervous or angry. There are ways and means for a person to do that. Usually it depends on the person’s nature. For me, relaxing when I am tired is a must. To start with, I would take a long, luxurious warm bath and wallow in the warmth of the water. The stickiness on my body would be gone by then and I would finish it off with a cold shower, which will leave my skin soft and tingling. Bath completed, time to get myself into a loose fitting garment and there’s nothing better than curling up, with a good book in hand. With the radio on, playing sentimental music and a plate of fresh fruits besides me, I would then take a bite or two between every few pages of reading. Snacks have to be by my side in case I run out of food. Full and contented, taking a nap is the next best thing. Lowering my head, propped with two fluffy pillows, I will be off in dreamland for the rest of the day. When I wake up, I would switch on the television for my favorite shows, stretched full length on the sofa eyes fixed to the set. Sometimes when none of the good shows are on television, my next relaxing routine is just to feel the cool breeze on my face, teasing my hair, relaxing in a park near my house. Life is so beautiful at times.

Tiredness is one thing but nervousness is another. Although I feel nervous at times, especially during examinations, I am not that bad. However, I find that nervousness is something which is difficult to conquer. Some people bite their nails, others twirl their hair around their fingers and a few shift from foot to foot. But for me, to curb nervousness I go for a jog around the evening when the weather is cool and crisp. After which a cold chocolate sundae would top it off. Screaming is the next best thing on my list. Then I’ll have a pillow fight with my sister because with screaming I would feel I had got rid of the tension which is thick enough to cut with a knife. Tension is something that would drain me out if I don’t do anything about it. But when I am not that hysterical, I would go window shopping browsing thoroughly in a particular section I like and if my cash is sufficient, I will buy a few things. If not, browsing won’t hurt. At least it can help me forget my nervousness. It also helps me to enjoy my life while it is still there. Some people are gluttons. I do that sometimes myself and believe it or not, it helps! A lot.

Counting till 100 is my best weapon against anger. I would count very slowly till my anger melts away. But if counting doesn’t help, crying does. It is with crying, you show what you really feel, and when I cry, my anger is washed away by my tears. Crying helps me to relax because I do not keep my feelings bottled up and feel like a nervous wreck deep down. I scream too loudly sometimes so that I throw away my anger at everything especially the walls. As walls can’t fight back, I would feel much better and satisfied like cat getting a saucer of cream. When I am angry, I like to be alone. I can’t bear the sight of anybody and I feel rotten. So the place I would go to is the beach. Listening to the sound of the waves, watching them curl and lap at the beach’s edge, my anger will subside I feel that the beach is a place which symbolizes tranquility, serenity and beauty. I can let my feeling dance with the white horse riding in the water, while I away my time writing poems, day-dreaming. Anger is a very strong weakness which many can’t fight but, no matter how strong it is, it is no match for a thing of beauty. The easy way to get rid of anger is to look at mirror, the wrinkles in forehead, and hardening of cheekbones which is being reflected will immediately bring own anger, you may even try it for good result!
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