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Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Talk about your classmates

Talk about your classmates

Thirty-five unique individuals make up our interesting class. Of course, there are some of us who are more popular than the others.

First, there is fat Steven. He is the joker of the class. He cracks all kinds of jokes, even practical jokes. Once, he left an artificial lizard in the chalk box to scare our stern science teacher, Miss Xiano. Her horrified expressions amused us so much that we split our sides with laughter. However, the whole class was punished for that joke. In spite of this, we still like Steven because he is always brave enough to own up to playing tricks.

We also have a bookworm in the class. Xiaoming is a small boy with thick glasses. Wherever he goes, he will have a book with him. He brings glory to the class by winning the various language quizzes organized by the school.

The most respected person in our class is our monitor, Evelyn. She is helpful, friendly and responsible. Without her, our class would be in chaos.

The teachers who teach us always say that we are a mischievous but hardworking bunch. I am proud to belong to my class.
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