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Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Girls dress like boys and young men look like women

“Today, girls dress like boys and young men look like women”. Give your opinion.

When girls dress like boys and young men look like women there is something deeply wrong. Going deeper into the root of this, it maybe worthwhile to note why men and women dress as they do. From simple nakedness into which man is born he began to dress himself. At first he had to dress against the rigors of weather especially cold. As long as clothing served it basic purpose he never cared whether it was soft or rough of the material from which it was made. As knowledge of weaving, dyeing and much later, the knowledge of tailoring developed; man began dressing and woman draping herself in fashionable clothing. This change was more rapid in Western countries than in the East. In Europe, they held on to a dress of a particular fashion because they were conservative.

But the change in dressing has been at a fast pace in America. The War (Great World War 2) accelerated this trend. For the sake of convenience and economy, certain types of dresses became a regulation dress and the civilian also took it because it was found to be comfortable and convenient. The “slack” may be cited as an example, the cinemas set up new trends in fashion and youngsters began clamoring for such dresses. Thus the tight pants and beach dress in the case of girls became a fashion.

The way youngsters dress was a revolt against the established order and norm. Today because of its permissive society, the dress has become too short and is now only a micro mini. They do it in bravado spirit of “what can you do?”

Young hippies dress like women, grow hair and sometimes appear like mendicants. They lead a life of their own. They want to live like “Adam and Eva” indulging in free love. Nowadays it is common to see men wearing chains, bracelets and ear rings like women. The opposite way of dressing is taking place.

In the case of some girls, they want to get noticed and seek attention so they wear clothes that are worn by men like tight jeans that are torn at knee caps to make a statement of their dressing.

By dressing this way, both sexes are trying to defy each other and veering away from established fashion trends.