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Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Value of traveling

Is traveling an educative experience? Discuss.

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There are many reasons for travel.

When it involves a short trip or a vacation away from home, it is generally for the purpose of building up health resistance, or for relaxation, or to escape, temporarily, from the monotonous rounds of a daily existence in which there is very little time for change from regular schedules. The human being realizes that variety adds zest to living. Travel supplies variety.

Travel can have its other values. When you travel you see new faces and talk to strangers. Such experience is a challenge to your ability to mingle with various kinds of people, especially if they are not of the same type as those to which you are accustomed in your own local environment. You will meet people about whom you have only vaguely read or heard. It is prophesied that such experiences will erase many of the misunderstandings and criticisms.

Real acquaintance often dispels petty jealousies, unreasonable, dislikes, intolerant attitudes, and silly prejudices.

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