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Thursday, April 10, 2008

How does the Hearing-impaired talk?

How do Hearing-Impaired people talk? Discuss.

Photo: ASL alphabet
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Sound can not be recognized by hearing-impaired people. For this reason, the question is that how they hear “words” and in which way they can communicate.

They use American Sign Language (ASL). They communicate with hands. In this way, two hearing-impaired can talk with each other. They both use ASL. A normal person who can hear sometimes can interpret what other people say into ASL so that hearing-impaired can get the information. The person listens to other and then uses his or her hands to give the information to make hearing-impaired understand.

There are two types of sign language. The first one is referred to hand signs for every letter in the alphabet. Every letter in a word is spelled one to another. In other words, they spell words. This is finger-spelling type. The second one consists of signs for full words. There are about five thousand words of this type. They are used for actions, things and ideas.

Some of the signs are very easy such as “eat”, “milk” and “home”. You can easily get their meanings. Some other words, however, are more difficult, for examples “star”, “egg” or “week”.

Anyone from any country can learn ASL. If they can not speak, pronounce or spell words, they use these signs – not finger-spelling words; therefore, they can understand people from other countries.

ASL is almost like a dance. Every part of body works. ASL is an interesting language.

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