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Wednesday, April 9, 2008

What means of traveling you choose for your trip?

What means of traveling you choose for your trip?

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When you are on holiday and intend to go to the seaside or travel abroad as a tourist, you should first of all decide on the means of traveling.

You can travel by train, by ship, by car and of course, by plane.

Traveling by plane is more comfortable, more convenient and much quicker than any other method. But not everybody likes it. Some people say they do not see very much of the country they go to. Trains are good enough for them. They enjoy the movement and the excitement of railway stations, the shouts of porters pulling and pushing luggage along the platforms and the sight of trains ready to start.

Some holiday-makers are all for traveling by sea. Of course, one can watch the sun rise and set, which is an unforgettable sight. For people who get seasick, a sea voyage is out the question.

If you go by car, you may spend part of your holiday moving from place to place. You can stop wherever you like.

Whatever means of traveling you choose, it is advisable to book accommodation in advance. You can book tickets yourself or do that through telephone.

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