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Saturday, April 26, 2008

Career you choose after leaving school

What career would you like to choose after leaving school? (Teacher)

Photo: A teacher in Canada
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Today, it is not easy to choose a career. Hundreds of students pass various examinations every year and compete with one another for positions in the various professions which are not so many as there are applicants. I would, however, like to choose teaching as my career. There are several reasons to consider teacher an interesting job.

Being a teacher, we have to learn more. If we teach History or Geography, it is important to read many books to make our teaching lessons more interesting to our students. We therefore gain more knowledge of the subjects that we teach than what we can get from the text books. A large amount of text books for the subjects we teach are not likely enough to help us to become an exciting teacher. In other words, a good teacher often reads many other books which are not related to the subjects he or she is supposed to teach. The large extent of knowledge on different fields make students admire the teacher and love the subject of which he or she is in charge.

A teacher has to speak well and clearly so that students can be able to understand instructions and lectures. This would be a motivation to improve our powers of expression. Even our pronunciation of words will be much better.

Moreover, a teacher has more free time to read, learn and take some examinations to acquire more qualifications.

Finally, as a teacher we are respected as educated persons. Others will show their respect to teachers and have their great regard for them and opinions that teachers give.

For the reasons mentioned above, being a teacher can help me to live a happy meaningful life.

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