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Monday, June 16, 2008

My teacher

My teacher
The outline:
1. Teacher’s name
2. His or her nature
3. Hard-working or not
4. How much I like him or her. Why?
5. The end.

The name of my teacher is Miss Lim Swee Lan. She is a very pleasant lady.

Miss Lim likes children very much. She herself has many brothers and sisters at home. Most of them are going to school and she helps them in their lessons.

What she does for her own brothers and sisters is also done for the children in the class-room. She does not get angry easily. If some pupils are slow to learn, she takes great trouble to explain all the lessons slowly so that all the pupils can understand the lessons well. Sometimes, she also brings certain things into the class-room to explain a lesson. For example, one day she brought a toy ape to explain what an ape was. This makes her lessons very interesting indeed.

Miss Lim, sometimes, also takes all her pupils out for a visit to some interesting places. She believes that children could learn a lot by traveling. Last year she took our whole class to Kuala Lumpur where we visited many interesting places such as, the museum, the zoo and the famous Batu Caves.

I am indeed very proud of my teacher, Miss Lim.

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