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Sunday, March 29, 2009

The teachers’ contributions to the progress of a country

The teachers’ contributions to the progress of a country

This is a very interesting analysis. The development of a nation depends on so many factors. The most important is the contribution of the citizens, the politicians, traders, scientists, and farmers etc.

Let us analyze how everyone can serve the country. The politicians or the law makers lead the country on the right path. The countries’ economic development rests with the traders as the import and export goods by maintaining the balance of trade. This determines the value of country’s money. Scientist creates new inventions that will benefit all. The farmer feeds the country. There is a saying that the farmer lives alone and the other depend on him. The farmer’s work is not a white-collar job. He has to plough the fields, sow the seeds to reap the benefits.

However, the teacher contributes as much if not more than the farmer. If food is essential, knowledge is vital. The teacher is the one who educates politicians, traders, scientists, farmers etc. He is the basis of the whole structure. Without knowledge, man cannot progress. The progress of a nation depends on the teachers. The teacher educates the man right from his childhood and helps him to acquire knowledge. From the medieval ages teachers were given a lot of respect and held in very high esteem.

Today most developed and developing nations place primary importance and attention on education. The future of a nation rests in the hands of teachers. The service that teachers provide in the development of a nation is long and lasting.

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