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Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Who are you? Talk about yourself.

Who are you? Talk about yourself.

If you ever see a tall and skinny Chinese boy with a mole on his chin, you will know that it is me. My name is Fang Yaorong and I will be twelve on the first of June this year. I wear thick glasses because I did not take proper care of my eye-sight when I was young.

I attend school in the morning session at Ghim Moh Primary School. My school is within a stone’s throw of my house. Every morning, I walk to school with my neighbor, John, who is also my class-mate.

My hobbies are playing football and assembling model aero-planes. I am very proud of my model aero-plane collection. Most of the models were given to me as presents over the years. The rest were bought with the pocket-money I saved.

As the eldest child in the family, I always try to set a good example for my twin sisters. My parents often praise me for being an obedient boy. When I grow up, I want to be able to cure patients. In order to be a doctor, I must study hard to go to the university.
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