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Thursday, July 3, 2008

An incident I shall never forget

An incident I shall never forget

The outline:
1. When it happened
2. Where I was
3. What happened
4. The end

One day, last year, I was alone in my house, when something terrible happened. I can still when something terrible happened. I can still remember the incident very clearly.

My parents were out that day to meet some of their friends. My brothers and sisters had gone to the cinema. All of them returned very late in the night. As I had some school work to do, I stayed at home alone.

I was reading my lessons in a room at the back of our house. It was now very dark. Suddenly, I heard a strange cry outside the house. It frightened me at once. I heard the cry again, but this time it was not so loud. I now felt certain that a child had been attacked by some person or an animal. I opened the door at the back of the house to find out what it was. As soon as I did so, I saw a small girl with a lot of blood all over her body, lying on the floor. She was still alive; however, I then took her into our house and telephoned to the hospital near by. Soon an ambulance arrived and took her to the hospital. I did not know what happened after that.

When my parents returned, I told them all that had happened. The thought of this incident frightens me even today.
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